Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cheah! 1 1/2 hours of sleep + Hyphy Juice + Mc E D's Hot Fudge Sundae + Red Bull + 8 hours work = this post.
Big Mama Nyla is hella stoked!! Takin us to the spot with pot roast like Janet and that Italian mac n cheese. She's still my favorite person. You're gonna be a natural kid. New York to Los Angeles.
So UCSC is already hitting me up for donations on the alumni tip. I barely left that mo fo and foo's is already trying to come up!! It was gravy though cuz the person that called was a freshman girl, so of course I layed the mack on thick (like gravy). Maybe when I DON'T owe 10G's for school expenses I can afford to flick a couple nickels their way.
Cyph's "easiest car to steal ever" Honda got swiped the other day and was found by my house today. Coincidence??
PJ has a dope blog that is conveniently linked over thurrr --------> Holla at it for top notch insight into videogames and, everyone's favorite, beer. Like he says, "... a few shits never hurt anybody."
Life lesson - Girls always roll with a posse of "like kind". What it do Chelsea? Ahh.
Lates? Yeah, don't be a Bold.

Monday, November 26, 2007


all day errryday!

that's my one!!!!!!

thank god the open bar season is over...or at last it looks like it.

i'm lookin at joining a boxing club... my training? HELLBOYS!!! what up nero!

hmmmm. who else get shout outs? sappinin VERSE!!!!???? holla atcha boy one time!

airbourne is no match for dooklors germs!!!!!!

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!jus kiddin mayne.

i have my own taco truck. frankie works in it. TALK ABOUT OWNERSHIP!!!!

taint twat it twas jus coughed up $500....2mex will be makin a guest appearance!!!! so will his drink sponsor.

hironas...the nice guy drink.

hironitas...the little nice guy drink.

the mujack movement is dead from what i hear....till i hear otherwise from either...r.i.p. BCM

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm hella stoked.

Thanksgiving was proper, as usual. Monster canker sores, death, and sore throat/swollen glands couldn't stop me from stuffing my face. When it comes to the grub, Mama comes through in a major way!!!! All the fixin's, all soft and delicious. And there was no shortage of rolls! After dinner, gotta do as the Gilroyianites do, put down a few CL's with the boys. The new chiminea got the job done, even though cold as balls outside. Thumbs down to the idea that Fresno is "hands down" better than Frisco. Nathan knows what's up. "Dude, dark meat is so good!" "You hella can't tell that we're from the same town." Pinche Fonda.

So Del got signed to Def Jux. Del the Funky Homosapien of the Hieroglyphics. I hate Def Jux. Just the label, not the artists. But Del is stoked because it is "opening up many new opportunities" for him. I was skeptical, but then Black told me about some of the new projects that are going down. First of all, the signing was a package deal with Dose One included. The two of them are going to be starring in a reality show on the WB called " T'aint twat it used to be..." where they talk about post-neo post modern uber coolness. Rumored guests are Sponge Bob and Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife's boobs. All this of course is to promote their exclusive line of "fixie wear", like thick framed glasses and rolled up, tight pants. Sounds awesome! Dude, Del can make a record with T-Pain and people would still buy it like crazy. I don't really see how signing with Def Jux is gonna expand his fanbase, but I can see it expanding El-P's wallet, little pan.

Dude! Today I was walking to work when I felt something in my front shirt pocket, like an old train ticket or a Ninja Turtle card or something. Reach in, and it felt like money. Oh, probably a dollar or two. It was 60 bones!!!! WTF? Who does that? Well, I'll just throw it in the pile I suppose...

It's all about that baby bullet Caltrain yadidi5stops? Mark Dec 22nd in the books, it's goin down! <

Friday, November 23, 2007

jus some quick 1's fo that culo....

the quarter machine at my place with the skittles is maaaad busted and dispensing the goods free of charge.

there has been a few label change ups in the industry...

Suge knight has sold death row 2 know limit for an undisclosed amount of money. the love child shall be know as death limit. all albums shall be recorded over prison land lines.

queen latifah has donated her shitlocks to the make a wish foundation.

aliens have invaded los banos with the sole intention of using it as their "dumping grounds"
los banos beat out alviso in a 2 to 1 rock paper scissor the death.

p.s. jay-z ain't hittin it right! where's my xxxl tall T beeezy!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aye Guy, so just bring leftovers or what?? Hahaha! Making poor fun all day! Staying sick sucks a snails snozzberry.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

All I gotta say is "I love it!!!" Got mad hooked up with the Fich n chik. Hood kids, nerd ass kids, and hipsters makes for an entertaining environment. Cyph with the clutch M Callender's secret compartment, gettin the ribs crackin at 4 in da mornin!! Jake is the Riddler, and has mad tactics that would make even Pierre proud. Bear is papi chulo when is comes to taking care of the chicken tenders, and buying beer too. Black has CANDIES!! I'mma blow the whistle on that one, thanks to his Napa accessories. That guy taught me a great lesson: if your work is giving stuff away for free, get as much as you can, no matter what it is. Coronakens!!!!!!! My entire life is a photo opportunity, just gotta remember to bring the camera. Ride bikes get hurt guy! Yadidimeentiendes??

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yadidiblognation is whats up, just like sleeping out at SJSU wednesday night for poverty y Gulf Coast Civics Works Project. Red stripe and Hot chocolate is how i rolled, Black kept warm with red wine and cheese and cristina was good with like eight layers of clothing. Gilroy Fotball is whats up tonight in Gilas, first round of playoffs.

Focho Thanksgiving Potluck? en gilas o otro lugar. que piensan la clica?


I just recharged like a mofo last night (LAST NIGHT!!) 12 hours in the sack will do somethin to you, just haven't figured it out yet. Never leave home without your wallet... it will take you 3 hours to get back. Unless of course you accept that BART ticket from Jake (as you should have!) Whatevskis. Off to work. Dose One would love my co-workers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sappinin folks!!!
Slike Really...ya moms fav.gov_legit

props to all the shoppin cart pushers in tha bay mayne!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Bloggin' yizer


Snoop bloggy blog! I've been meaning to do this for over a year, and now I've finally added one of these things to the site. So now you can actually hear from the other fine folks of Focho! Geez Louise!!!!!! Well, me and Cyph battled last night and, needless to say, it turned into a 2 on 1 against Guy, the innocent bystander who was playing drums. THE is comin through with the arranged marriage, so there definitely won't be a shortage of curry in my life.