Sunday, November 18, 2007

All I gotta say is "I love it!!!" Got mad hooked up with the Fich n chik. Hood kids, nerd ass kids, and hipsters makes for an entertaining environment. Cyph with the clutch M Callender's secret compartment, gettin the ribs crackin at 4 in da mornin!! Jake is the Riddler, and has mad tactics that would make even Pierre proud. Bear is papi chulo when is comes to taking care of the chicken tenders, and buying beer too. Black has CANDIES!! I'mma blow the whistle on that one, thanks to his Napa accessories. That guy taught me a great lesson: if your work is giving stuff away for free, get as much as you can, no matter what it is. Coronakens!!!!!!! My entire life is a photo opportunity, just gotta remember to bring the camera. Ride bikes get hurt guy! Yadidimeentiendes??

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