Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cheah! 1 1/2 hours of sleep + Hyphy Juice + Mc E D's Hot Fudge Sundae + Red Bull + 8 hours work = this post.
Big Mama Nyla is hella stoked!! Takin us to the spot with pot roast like Janet and that Italian mac n cheese. She's still my favorite person. You're gonna be a natural kid. New York to Los Angeles.
So UCSC is already hitting me up for donations on the alumni tip. I barely left that mo fo and foo's is already trying to come up!! It was gravy though cuz the person that called was a freshman girl, so of course I layed the mack on thick (like gravy). Maybe when I DON'T owe 10G's for school expenses I can afford to flick a couple nickels their way.
Cyph's "easiest car to steal ever" Honda got swiped the other day and was found by my house today. Coincidence??
PJ has a dope blog that is conveniently linked over thurrr --------> Holla at it for top notch insight into videogames and, everyone's favorite, beer. Like he says, "... a few shits never hurt anybody."
Life lesson - Girls always roll with a posse of "like kind". What it do Chelsea? Ahh.
Lates? Yeah, don't be a Bold.

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