Friday, November 23, 2007

jus some quick 1's fo that culo....

the quarter machine at my place with the skittles is maaaad busted and dispensing the goods free of charge.

there has been a few label change ups in the industry...

Suge knight has sold death row 2 know limit for an undisclosed amount of money. the love child shall be know as death limit. all albums shall be recorded over prison land lines.

queen latifah has donated her shitlocks to the make a wish foundation.

aliens have invaded los banos with the sole intention of using it as their "dumping grounds"
los banos beat out alviso in a 2 to 1 rock paper scissor the death.

p.s. jay-z ain't hittin it right! where's my xxxl tall T beeezy!!!!!!!!!!!!



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