Wednesday, November 28, 2007

so gilroy made it....and lost.

i'm not bummed...justa bum.

guy is devastated...but about to be on christmas vacation. (HOLLA AT A SHOW TUNE(or toon)GUEY!!!!)

birthdays are mad over-rated..unless your name is casey angelo howard.... in which case it's the biggest day of the year!!!

some huge mother fucker named "big jess" just challenged me to a fuckin fight.... i'm on the clock. seriously 6'9" around 3 bills.....fuck the bullshit. not about to lose my face and my job at the same time. but it's all good...hopefully he sees me on the street like he keeps saying. i deserve an ass whoopin...i know you agree.

well that shit kinda ruined my night and now i'm looking forward to a boyish good night.....

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