Monday, November 26, 2007


all day errryday!

that's my one!!!!!!

thank god the open bar season is over...or at last it looks like it.

i'm lookin at joining a boxing club... my training? HELLBOYS!!! what up nero!

hmmmm. who else get shout outs? sappinin VERSE!!!!???? holla atcha boy one time!

airbourne is no match for dooklors germs!!!!!!

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!jus kiddin mayne.

i have my own taco truck. frankie works in it. TALK ABOUT OWNERSHIP!!!!

taint twat it twas jus coughed up $500....2mex will be makin a guest appearance!!!! so will his drink sponsor.

hironas...the nice guy drink.

hironitas...the little nice guy drink.

the mujack movement is dead from what i hear....till i hear otherwise from either...r.i.p. BCM

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