Monday, December 10, 2007

1. Abercrombie Winter Wear
2. Totally stoked on being a bro, bro.
3. His milkshake brings all the boys to the backyard.
4. He can tell by the smell of her urine that she eats too much eggplant.
5. Aight late.
Don't be fooled by the sun, it's December. Chilly Willy! The Oakland Swap Meet (read: Flea Market, for the 408 folks) is crackin! Pretty large, cheap wears, plenty o beer and tacos, live banda, hot girls pushin strollers... what more do you need?All I gotta say is, find me loungin' on the 22nd. Way good. Matthew Caudle is the hero of boy fun, by the way. And Bear hates me cuz I'm nice.
"If I ever run into you, I'mma get you high. You're a good man!" This quote from a 70 year old man, amongst the occasional sexual advances from some chick in LA and social discussions with San Fran natives, is what makes the day to day drudgery of my crummy job bearable. That and the free water.
Once again, peep the video/ song produced by UniverSAL. Sorry holmes! I'mma get you that beat soon. And Black, let's finish that track already!!
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