Monday, December 3, 2007

Am I emo? Only a carne asada burrito knows, and I ate it! But nah dude. I just think too damn much. And sometimes "I just gotta go home, you know", but not before pissing off (read: annoying) every single girl I came in contact with. Oh I think they like me! Thank God for FOCHO...

YouTube makes the world a better place. Just look up Stevie Wonder, so good it'll make you cry.

I think the biggest fear in my life is of dropping my DS in the toilet. Is that wierd?

Black, you better invest in some toofpicks, or else King Hippo's gonna add to the hot dogs! Just poke em!! This dude I worked with at Home Depot got jumped while he was pushing carts in the parking lot. So savage, but I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, who does that? He wasn't hurt or anything though, so it was ok.

Current bumps: Digital Underground - Sons of the P, De la Soul - Grind Date, Mudkids - Basementality, Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July, Burt Bacharach - Make it Easy on Yourself, Earth Wind and Fire - Raise!

"Fuck the naysayers cuz they don't mean a thang, cuz this is what style we bring" Gotta love G-Fest. Peep the classic pics. People talking papas about Gilas just don't know!

Aight <>

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