Friday, December 14, 2007

Bay B Girls

shit son! i can't belive you guys threw away my yack in the bok!!!!!!!!!
sall good doe....
martha says..."im finda eat some tacos!"
no matter who you were, last night was about makin friends.
cousin barry made friends with an east oakland native who put him up on game.
guy made friends with a big cheese burger and some sweet and sour sauce.
i made friends with some stolen chicken breast....(yeah....i keeps it hood!)
but L to the muffukin friend maker was on fire towards the end of the night. damn... i really don't know where to start. basically i needed a camera. lap dance!!! lap dance!!! man... i'm sorry homie... my special blend of gassy hops cleared the set. but shit....snot like i didn't warn a busted broad! honestly... my favorite part of the night was the yak in the bok shoutin match.. "bitch you look like keak sounds!"

on the real, i had sooo much fun last night. tyler was there but you would have never know. probably cause he didn't try to fight anyone. FOCHO LOVES YOU KIDDO!!! hahahahaha

the block is hot! just ask lil waynge... he musta been a josey (like the pussy cats) local at some point. but who the fuck knows ahh?

i'm not gettin anyone shit for christmas.. snot that i don't love ya'll but i'm fittin to make a power move. oakland? frisco? nah son... ABUDABI!!!!!!!con nermal..

< to the place where the sun sets.

oh yeah the post script.... CYPH DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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