Friday, December 14, 2007

Cyph did it. Ocho Focho Ongo? Thursday night madness is broken down below:

Missing the baby bullet train by a few is a drag, but when miscommunication leads to an overabundance of bev, the longer ride ain't a thang. Kids watch your toupes, the rug bandit is posted on the Caltrain! Haha, ask about Black's crossfader training program, you'll love it!

San Jose cops can kiss my butt. They're just wack.
Tied House is fo sho the #1 spot! Dollar half pints? Aight late. <>

"Aye, we can go there if you're dressed like shit and/or are Asian." Dude... Taste has no idea!!!! It's all about the impromtu dance off outside one of the wackest cluuubs in SJ. Props to the clueless bouncer for providing the strobelight for the dance circle. Focho got moves son!!!!!

This brings us to the burrito breakdown safe haven spot to cool down the madness, as well as give us time to drink a Mickeys. Soon enough we're at Temple, getting denied due to the massive amounts of flare and props. We were finally allowed in, just had to pile our shit in the corner into a huge mass. The dance floor was claimed, leaving the biddies too shook to participate wit us. No prob, me and Black proceeded to battle for dayyyyys, good times all around. Black made a friend in a bouncer and the night was winding down... just the time for some J in the Bizzle. Dun, dun DUUUNNNNN!!

The lapdance is always better at Jack in the Box, I guess. I had my heart set on a milkshake, but I had no idea foo!! Crazy female spoutin off about how shitty we are, to which I respond, "That's funny, cuz I love you." Little did I know. Hate, hate, hate turned into a free dance. Apparently my face was on some 7 Wonders of the World/ Mastercard commercial steez. Too damn bad I had to leave my memory card for the camera at home! 16MB? But yeah, chick was nuts and Black had enough.
Ready, aim, FIRE!!!! HAHA!!! Bung to beezy combo breaker!!!!! That means yo, you been FAAARTED ON! AHHHHHH! After wy'lin out for another 30 seconds... "UGGHHHHH, y'all smell like farts!!!" HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ultra lates!!! I got my ice cream milkshake, Guy got a stomach ache, and Black got a bracelet and a signature.

And that's San Jose done proper. Focho y que?

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