Saturday, December 15, 2007


WELL what can i say before i read the other accounts of madness let me say DAMN.
First , Context of three weeks of intense grad school papers and finals last night i had my last final writting for three hours straight, then i was completely done with my first semester of grad school CHEAA,

I parked in the cuts to meet Black y Ltothedotdotdot at that good VTA station, San Jose police obviously suck so we ended up drinking good ass modelos y mickeys in the saturn performence next to the Park, getting all hiFFEYY in the coche..............CYPH did it became the catch phrase.......

I hadnt eaten all day soo was good and drunk by the time we bounced to that good tied house for the goodness that is dollar half pint, sara from soci class rolled out , Joseph was even there, black and joseph listened to my drunken attept to explain my final paper of a marxist analysis of global capitaism (see previous blog)

despues de the greatness of ales y heffs we proceeded to post in fron of Taste "lydon if we were asian and had money we could be in there tonight"
YADIDI we made the party happen outside taste on corner B boy style (check pitsures below) rock steady meets focho cheaaaa!
security was sad but provide dthe strobe lights so all was good.

after the showcase of fochoness
we took cover in the safe haven called la victoria (not the one that burned down) burritos de polly and a rotating mickeys tall can.

temple was next, black made friends with bouncer, i walked straight to them plush couches para atras sooo good ya should know,
we encounter the presense of the one and only godfrizzzle y procede to TAKE OVER,
despues black con friend bouncer discuss the ins and outs of that ooaktown living

pistures are drawn

and then the high light

lapdance lap dance lap dace

shouting matches
"mayne yall smell like farts"

"anyone who has two tats on her neck, deffinatley has a pimp"

BAY B GIRL, black love bracletts
everyone in ther was very entertained , even the security gaurd
we define christmas cheer

basically it went on and on. good time were had by all

christmas lights and my sisters house y gilas

yadidi foch in the zay

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