Thursday, December 20, 2007

This post is brought to you by Andy. You're hella stoked dude!

Myspace ruined my day, but I'm sure Of Nazereth will make it better.

So Nathan took the Ashlee Simpson approach in trying to assert his status the sexier of the Davis brothers. Has it worked?? I'll have a side by side update after this weekend.

Verse is moving back to Gilas and all I gotta say is YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Bout fuckin time! Get yo boogie on my dude!

As far as music goes, it's comin' along quite nicely. Expect some sneak peaks real real soon.

This saturday is Focho Christmas!!! Black just has one request... dress to impress. Yeah, flare up folks.

I'm out!! Huge pic update after this weekend. YEEEEEEEE!!!!! FOCHO Y QUE!!!??????

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