Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yee!!!! What can I say? Saturday was insane, and unfortunately the pictures just don't do it justice. My bad? Anyhow, check the pictures out cuz you love yourselves.

Here are some awards for outstanding acheivements of the night:

Kissing Bandit Award - Without a doubt, it goes to Tommy. Dude kissed everyone at the party, even licked a face or two. Way to go Naz.

Gayest at the Party - That would be Andy. His hands touched a WHOLE LOTTA man ass. Prolly a few balls too.

Most Random Award - That guy who was doing roundhouses and backflips in the fine dining room. ???

Best Sweater - Can't just give it to one person. Andy, Bear, France, and Wanslow all had the uber cool Euro style that you'll most likely see at American Apparel next season. Thanks for taking "dress to impress" seriously!

Most Bro Award - Those bro chicks that Jake brought. "Dude, they're actually really good girl skaters. They can do kickflips down three stairs."

"Dang son, who's that girl?" Award - Another tie. Perle and LuLu both had many a boy trying to cyphen energy. Do ya thang shortEEZ!

I'm Retarded/ Biggest Lapse in Judgement Award - Pierre, juz cuz. And of course Bobby, who felt that it would be a good idea to write on the outside of my house with a gold paint marker. Super duper HYPHY yellow bus rider!!!

Most Likely to Punch Themselves in the Nutz Award - My roommate Matt for asserting his single status at an entirely inappropriate time. Hope you burned a copy of Debbie Does Dallas!!

Most Cyph Award - Cyph4, cuz HE'S THE MO FUGIN CYPH ORRRRR!!!

Best Sleeping Arangements Award - Kristen and Kelly... "So were gonna sleep in your bed, and you're gonna sleep with us, and it's gonna be awesome." I'm down?

Worst Sleeping Arangements Award - Me sleeping on the beer soaked floor of my room with said girls sleeping, con un Vince, in my bed. Vince, you're lucky I got mad love for you and I look out for you like that! Feb. 3rd mofo, I expect a slab of the bombiest ribs set aside for me.

Best Sibling Power Team - Call me biased, but the Spositos are awesome and way down to 571. Y'all better abide by the rules of conversation with them, or else you'll end up with a beer on your head! But I gotta give honorable mention to Perry and Chelsea for being G, as well as Christina and Elisa for being hella alike even though they don't think so. Haha.

and finally...

The Single Greatest Moment of the Party Award - Gotta hand it to Hyphy Santa! Dude knew what was on everyone's Christmas list that night and rolled through with a ton of Mickey's 40's, wrapped up with a bow and candy cane and erryting!!!!

To everyone who came through, spilt beer (cuz everyone did), boogie oogied, destroyed my house, talked papas, chopped it up in pursuit of love, and ultimately told me that they had a great time...

THANK YOU for being a part of the second annual Focho Christmas!! I felt the love, no doubt. FOCHO y que?!!!

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