Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Year So Far

So I have been absent from the Blog nation for a while so here is a review
Cristina , Kristin and Kelly doing the famous Black Guy dance on new years eve. we ended up at some rich 30 year olds type club in Los Gatos but we actually had a good time

Madness then went down in Gilas, the rainy day bounce was all the rage, yet still unfinished the song will soon be the anthem for those bay area rainy days.


Sal hit up the garage, creating every real style

Coast Range brewed and bottled in Gilas

The Epoch has been the place to be on wednesday nights at Santa Clara University thanks to Crinstina,
Two weeks ago the fouth floor was cracken as usual then cristina, black, vince, cyph, danny , Kristin, and kelly and I all rolled to a party at cristina's friends house, it was a good time and there was free beer.
After, the party we went to vince's house and vince and I got down cooking chorrizo,eggs, papas, and a lot of goodness , it was outragiously good.

last wednesday the epoch continued but you can read about that below as bobby has thoroughly documented the night.

I spent friday walking around gilas in that good january california sunshine, Black put me up on game about the bomb ass burritos from del sol market that are only like 3.75, and we posted in front of his parents house for hella long.

Black hella came up on a new job in berkley and hes fixin to make that move to oakland. Cheaa

Also, The past two week ends the little batteries Crew aka Abstract Audio Art got together at my house in gilroy and made it happen, working on construct songs in order to play at Cyph and dust9's cd release party and hopefully a show at the American Music Hall, stay posted ... the practices have been a lot of fun in good focho form.

brings me to the present,
Yesterday was MLK jr day Crinstina I wanted to go do something outside, we ended up at hennry coe park east of morgan Hill and we went on that good 6 1/2 mile hike for three hours, I had never been there before, the place is outragious, only $5 to park and there are hella dope trails to take, its hella wilderness not even like man made camp sites, it snowed before we got there then it was sunny, then in hailed, and then it rained, and we spent a little two much time taking an extra path and we ended up walking the last mile in the dark was kinda intense but we diddnt get lost so all was good, Ill will be hitting people up to go back ,its hella a place to make poor fun.

And Now tomorrow i go back to school, fuuuck back to insanity.

I also finaaly figured out that lime wire shit and have been bumben those zapp and roger jams Yadid I


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Duurty Duurty

It's snowing in Georgia, and I ain't talkin bout no white gurl! We're about to buy Timmy G's a Wal-Mart bike and handle biznass! Peace to the coast that's just more fresha!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wednesday Nights.......

After Action Report

.......(4pm) So basically the afternoon started with making some beats and drinking a room temperature' d bud-light. Black, being stubborn requested that his new-castle be chilled. After experimenting with some sample and other weird shit I had on my MPC for a year, and drinking our single beers in the midst of my small, cramped, and stuffy ass room, we decided that food would be a proper choice at that particular time.

(6:00-6:30pm)... El 7 Mares Restaurant, where we ate carne a sada burritos and drank a "Chavela" (this drink L-train hit me up with, it's made with Tecate and wine with celery and carrots.... You gotta try it) and talked about how many thing we could possibly do in the Volvo.. Fucking a chick on the hood being the best, and tinting just the front windshield being second best. Black pretty much chugged his Chavela, and me being a responsible driver asked black to finish my drink...(supposedly I'm a vagina?? but they where in mini-pitchers! ).. After "finding myself" in the siete mares restaurante and Him explaining how Santa Clara is poppn' off on Wed. Nights meaning there is this chill ass spot in Christina's Apt. building where we can play pool and watch random dudes play grab-ass in the kitchen, and there's just hella white gurls (probably doing White-Gurl) running around like it's the O.C.?!... so we decided to hit up GUY!

....(around 7:45ish..) Sitting on Guy's couch watching Planet Earth (Forests, which is actually pretty good, especially when the baby birds free-fall 30ft with a thizz face thinking they can fly). We got the word from Guy that Christina would not mind babysitting us for the night.

9pm- Black drinks two "road sodas" in the volvo on the way to Santa Clara..(Coors Light)

10:15pm- Get to Santa Clara, bust out the Ghetto blaster and head the the Apt's. Into Christina's room.... we chug about two beers. The man "Vince" and his bro arrive at the Apt. We head out to a show at the Bronco, meaning we bring the Dark the the Light(us being the only minorities on campus). We are welcomed to what looks to be an old re-run of Laguna Beach... Dude it looked like a goddamn Jack Johnson funeral.. Christina bought us free food(thanks for the cookie). After herding out the Bronco like a bunch of immigrants exiting the social security place by straw hat, Christina thought it would be a good time to start the party on the 4th floor. Plus cops with tasers would of probably kicked us outta there anyways, so Fuck Jack Johnson and his gay ass Sub-culture of vagina's and cargo shorts that look sand blasted and are tapperd at the ends... Shit's Weak!

11:30pm- 4:30am On the 4th floor beats were bumping and we started a couple of pool games after Christina spanked Black and Vince's bro. Vince and I took victory after a long ass battle for last shot. After the games we started to talk about sports, Vince expectedly turned into "John Madden" and carried an hour long entertaining conversation about almost every sport known to man!(Vince, you need to start throwing bets, you'd make hella scrilla) Basically everyone got hungry, so i came up with the idea of baking brownies using a rice cooker, white people's food, and utilities. I also boiled some white person's prawns witch were gone in a matter of seconds. We came across two dudes that we're pretty chill. (some dude from Hawaii, and another dude from Carmel who looked like Ozzy's son on Roids) They were actually pretty cool... Fuck, ok so we ate hella other people's food. I pull the uncooked brownies out of the oven and had the idea of letting them cool down right in front of Guy(not the best idea). Guy immediately sticks his hand in the hot ass rice cooker with melted ass fudge brownies, fucking hilarious! anyways we just got hella drunk and listened to hella good ass TAPES! Not really any female action, but supposedly those two dudes grabbed each other's butts in the kitchen??? fucking ehh, weird ass dudes.. I don't know i didn't see it? We made another beer run and seen hella minorities at this bar across the street, Vince wasn't to happy about that bar(some birthday shit or drama there?). We go back and get Shmamered even more and pretty much Black cooks the rest of the Prawns and leaves the whole bag with two Prawns left in the bag in the freezer(asshole). So guy just throws the bag away, explaining that it looks better if the whole bag wasn't there(possibly stolen)? We clean the whole fucking place up and head to sleep in a study room across from Christina's room.

5:00am We go to the truck and pick up the sleeping bags. Guy really wished he had Gold Bond at about that moment. Luckily I had an industrialized size of Gold Bond in my car so i kicked a handful down to Guy, then Black felt left out so i Kicked him down a handful then Him and Guy gave each other High Fives with that same hand. After Gold Bonding we went to the room and I started to pass out.....

5:30am Black decides it would be a good idea to call everyone on his phone... Me noticing the smear of left over Ball powder on his sweater, I told him to call everyone and tell them about the the leftover ball powder his drunk ass left on himself... We all smelt like Prawns and faint smell of minty gold bond still lingered the area, or maybe it was my hand??

This shit was hilariously, and ridiculous.... Mad props to everyone that joined, Thanks Guy and Christina. Hopefully this won't be the last After Action Report of Wednesday Nights. Focho has been blessed with a new event @ Santa Clara University


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mini Mac

cop a double cheese burger...add that big mac sauce and lettuce. whatta ya got? a mini-mac. this daily po' folk knowledge has been indirectly dropped on yo ass by the notorious gangster only know to cutlets only as...THE!!!

i been foxin wit it a minute and all i can say is.. Bomby son/daughter. now if they only still had the Hugo drink for .79 cents!!!

white core matter fore brain skull

FOUL –adjective
1.grossly offensive to the senses; disgustingly loathsome; noisome: a foul smell.
2.containing or characterized by offensive or noisome matter: foul air; foul stagnant water.
3.filthy or dirty, as places, receptacles, clothes, etc.
4.muddy, as a road.
5.clogged or obstructed with foreign matter: a foul gas jet.
6.unfavorable or stormy: foul weather.
7.contrary, violent, or unfavorable, as the wind.
8.grossly offensive in a moral sense.
9.abominable, wicked, or vile, as deeds, crime, slander, etc.
10.scurrilous, profane, or obscene; offensive: foul language.
11.contrary to the rules or established usages, as of a sport or game; unfair: a foul blow.
12.Baseball. pertaining to a foul ball or a foul line.
13.limited in freedom of movement by obstruction, entanglement, etc.: a foul anchor.
14.abounding in errors or in marks of correction, as a printer's proof, manuscript, or the like.
a.(of the underwater portion of a hull) encrusted and impeded with barnacles, seaweed, etc.
b.(of a mooring place) involving inconveniences and dangers, as of colliding with vessels or other objects when swinging with the tide.
c.(of the bottom of a body of water) affording a poor hold for an anchor (opposed to clean).
16.North England and Scot.. not fair; ugly or unattractive.
17.Obsolete. disfigured.

TEAM – noun
1.a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team.
2.a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers.
3.two or more horses, oxen, or other animals harnessed together to draw a vehicle, plow, or the like.
4.one or more draft animals together with the harness and vehicle drawn.
5.a family of young animals, esp. ducks or pigs.
6.Obsolete. offspring or progeny; race or lineage.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Aye, Happy New Yearsss! Ale hooked up these pictures from his yphone. He also did my taxes and made me toast with it. Yee!!
When it rains, it pours. Fo real. The storm came through all sideways, but hipsters rejoiced as the extra moisture gave them superhuman fixie skid powers. Girl pants activate!!!!!
Black's list of shit that needs to stay in 07 is on point. But believe the year had plenty of high points as well:
- Focho Fridays - Wow. Although 06 saw the rise of this weekly affair, the party went well into 07, until Black n Guy got tired of stepping in puddles of beer.
- The Garage/Luis - Nothin beats summer in the South South Bay. The garage led to many a impromtu dance parlay, bench sesh, pirate night, music bumpin, and insanely crackin BBQ facilitated by THE and/or, the one and only, Luis from across the street.
- Embarcadero - Once again, 06 was host to many days/nights at the Embarcadero, but 07 chock full of good times. Ride bikes, rap, drink, be happy!
So cheah!! Here's to a great 08 con ya folks: FOCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
goodmorning!....or not