Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sappinin folks? i hope everyone had a safe transition into the new year. much love. i've been meaning to get my hate hate hate on so here it is. my list on shit that needs to get left in 'o7. for ya'll that don't know about PEEP GAME! but cheaaa!!! let the HATE begin!

1. T-Pain... in the ear. seriously. Zapp already killed the vo-coder on wax. i mean if your gonna try and ride some shit your whole career at least come correct!

2. Bel Biv Devo's Poison... ok i'm probably gonna get some shit for this one! but honestly it seems like focho can't throw a party w/o it playing at least 569,648,161 times. what's the deal? i know ya'll be loving ta sing that shit but dang. ya killin me!!! i wanna hear areatha franklin, "save me" at the next focho gathering.

3. aluminum orangutans... if you don't already know.... this shit right here will fuck you up!!! this is just something i can't fuck with no mo. i know my man L to the... knows what i'm talkin bout.
r.i.p. skummie juice.

4. vocal samples. actually i no give a fuck. as a pro-deucer i don't give a shit what peeps put down. and i'll be the first to admit if you freak some shit proper. so do ya thang....jus make it yours!

5. Focha? i have no clue where this came from? i was speakin on the matter with a fellow founder and we actually had a good laugh. focho isn't masculine. it's not spanish. it's that good south bay slang. i mean come on!!! ya'll DTM!! (lames: doin to much!!) FOCHO'S the clika. focho focho can i be down?!?! nuff said.

6. The Metropoliticians... Chadidi...SYKE!!! we ain't go-in no where, we ain't goin no where and we can't be stopped now, cause it' focho por vida! but in legit group drama. D.J. Smiles B. Angry and The Pop.Sick.O, Schwartz did have to disband the Bass Parade. it was a great run at some super progressive shit but all great things must come to an end. if you hate work you should own the e.p....sorry to those of you that don't have it. limited supplies have left most of the world in the dark.

7. Foul Team...ChadidiFoulTeamWillNeverDie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brain Cell Massacre on the other hand. and the whole Mujack movement have become a thing of the past! in all honesty i'm really sad about this one. Bloodshot and Headrush were throwin down some really fun shit! who throws an emcee battle with a beer chuggin contest and of course a bunch of wet t's? holla!!!!!!! everyone needs to respect to the Junkie Rooster!!

8. In female fashion... ugly face hiders and ghengis khan stompers both needed to get left in 'o6. please for the last time i'm beggin ya'll!!! aight...i'm over it.

9. mermaid blow j's? hahahhahahahaha!!! team florida in the house!

10. and last but most definitely not least.... anyone who sells an Arizona ice tea for more than a dollar flat. FUCK YALL!!!!!!!!

so yeah... Lord Motor Mouth, the king of hate has blogged and now yall can call me and talk shit. but hey. at least we'll have something to talk about. if i left something off or if you wanna see somethin brought back in 'o8 holla! you blog? i blog. dos.

off the hate note. folks that had dope original style that i was hype on...

Naz... the guy comes through with fresh fits constantly. he gets the sneaker pimp award for the year.

Cyph4...the guy did it. what more can be said?

L to the triple dizzle... he's got focho frisco crackin in a major way. the guy owned 'o7 and you can expect big thangs in 'o8!

C@t Tucker... Hoodstars G's and bosses. holla!

UniverSal... Hustler of the year. you can't touch the guy with the most production credits hands down.

folks i'm tryin to puts it down with in 'o8? Guy(sup wit dem show tunes?) The world famous Little Batteries Crew. Percy Harris. Bandi(that's hella chingoni bandi cabroni!) B-Foul. Bauts!!! holla atcha ninja like keyyaawww!!!! and last but not least. t-pain sin vo-coder. <'s


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