Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fuckin' Fiesta con Cyph wiener!!!!

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo!!! Focho I am now back in blog effect. This means that I will be posting naked pictures of me with socks over my hands and ears only. I may have the occasional prophylactic over my nose. Depending on the weather of course.

The real reason for my resurrection into the blogging world of Focho is this. I am having a Focho gathering at my house this saturday at 5:00. I have the house all to myself and will be bar-b-queing it up folkerz. All I ask is that you bring smiles, genitals, and some sort of alcohol. We will be playing beer pong, freestyling, bumping the finest of jams, and having a great old time. I would like an R.S.V.P. so I can buy an approriate amount of crackers for the nights main event (If you don't know 'bout that just ask anyone in the monthly beat battles).

Also some huge news is that the Construct Existence album is officially out TODAY!!! It's been a long road and a lot of REALLY LOOOOONG CONVERSATIONS, but we finally got some product. It will be for sale at the bar-b-que, but for official Focho thugs it will be free of course. We are also gonna be having a south bay release party/Cyph4 birthday bash at Johnny V's on April 5th. So please come through and support your fam with beer and dong bags. HOLLA!!

That Hyphy Cyphy guy!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So PJ sent me this video about sex-ed, framed in Nintendo terms (which taught me more than I’ll ever know first hand about sex), and, naturally, it got me thinking about Italian stereotypes. This in turn got me thinking about Spaghetti-O’s, which then got me thinking about how utterly butt nasty that shit is.

Then I remembered that, as a kid, ALL I wanted was Spaghetti-O’s. That’s it. I would have sworn never to use the Konami Code again just to hear my mom say, “Come get some Spaghetti-O’s!!” But it never happened. I don’t think it’s all that expensive or anything, but my white Mama still never granted the request. It’s all good though. I went to college eventually, got my grown man on, hit the GGO majorly and picked up a can of this supposed piece of processed tomato heaven.

“Yuck”, “why?”, and “barf” are the three best words I can use to describe this red headed step child of the pasta world. Same goes for Chef Boyardee, McDonald’s, those fucking individually wrapped, microwave hot dogs already in the bun!, and any other overly processed, trash food that’s making my heart hurt as I type. Why would I ever have been in love with little pasta rings that feel like boogers in your mouth (don’t ask me how I know), sitting in a red sauce that tastes like used band-aids? I’ll tell you exactly why.

The only thing more disgusting than this “food” itself, more scandalous than the female celebrity pubic region, is corporate marketing. All the commercials with those damn happy smiling kids, just getting home from a soccer game, chanting out “Spaghetti-O’s!” as if the can was Mussolini himself, they are to blame! Well, not them exactly, but the turd burglars who sit around thumbin’ their cornhole while they discuss these scenarios/ideas and how to present them to us to make us want their crap.

The worst of this is definitely marketing geared towards children. Wedging your shitty product into the still-developing minds of young kids is no different to me than pedophilia or any other crime against nature that seeks to take advantage of those who lack adequate defenses. It’s plain wrong, especially if it is negatively effecting the health of an entire population, all in the name of gross, excess wealth for a few. So, in conclusion, F a McE D’s, give me a house burger any day!!!!!

In other news, life is fun. Happy Birthday to Christina, lil’ Bloomper aka the Young and Tenderizer, Danielle, my sistas, and whoever else had a birthday! Thank God for Focho.

Think of this!

Forget pinks and blues, this is what I'm gonna dress all my kids in!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My focho birthday

First off the b-day celebration began focho style with yahoo/ craigslist personal ads just for shits and giggles. We tried finding Cat's friends to no avail.
Sorry you couldn't be there Lydon- heard your bro's wedding was way tight though.way to come out on thursday to tide house.
Austin showed his 100% love and dedication by BBQing in the rain for my 22nd birthday so we could be make rich fun with good ole gilas friends (chea! Black and Belen know what's up) and family, a BBQ , Rice a Roni, Garlic Bread, Pork and Beans, that great green salad, white wine and cake.
Check out that mad matrix move... Austin says I'm ghost riding my arm

My most favorite cake ever! A beautiful super moist chocolate fudge chocolate cake with that good pink writing. We had our fill but left half so I could be sung to again at Vince's house.

We show up all late to Vince's house (Thanks Vince for being down and hosting my b-day pogs madness party.) My brothers came to show sibling love. Daniel and David converted to Focho from being sicuenta (650). My brother Daniel will credit himself for starting this pogs tournament and David will credit himself with winning it.

Fuck topping off.

David and Kristin and the stack of 5 pogs

"Its a secular Institution" "smoke weed every day"

Soul Train

Cyph did it

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thank God for Focho

as always im behind on the posts so we shall start where i left off
Super bowl was the shit the giants pulled off the biggest upset in my life time, vince went nuts with the BBQ Pork, Ribs, Carne asada the works,
there even was a half time footbal game in the street (sorry cyph for that bruised rib)

Thursday madness has continued, vince and I have holding it down for the last two weeks and also epoch but last thursday saw Focho Madness in full force, asl L to da dotdotdot came down on that train y black , belen cristina, vince, kRS10 and my self made it happen

The park is where it started william y 16th con that brand new flav sweeping the country Mickey ICE! y checharonesssssssssssssssss

Tied house as always

Belen and Kristin battled these republican ass shity cconservative economics major guys(no offence to lydon who was an economics major but understands how shity they can be)
needless to say kristen and belen beat the fuck out of em
Hyphy in the girls bathroom

The Temple "We own that shit"

Yadid I Focho


diggy dang...
thursday night was poppin!
the Focho clika/cliqua invaded with booze on the agenda.
we ran into lilly's brother and he set up the nights quotable... favorite quote? "have you guys heard of a place called the temple?" to which guy responds.."WE OWN THAT SHIT!"
i can't believe we didn't have to talk to the cops at all!(i didn't find out how the night ended for everyone else till the next day.)
eventually we made it to the temple and some chica i was dancing with tried to slip me some ghb. so i drank it!!! best corona of the night!
at some point i picked up a busted a jar of peanut butter. then i tookted that shit...i don't even eated that shit. i just poureded that shit on the windshield of some random car at a stoplight. the girls in the car loved it! go figure. go fish. go dumb. go hard or go home!

Monday, February 18, 2008

YOU don't KNOW my 'SCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it:

Two busted ass dudes are posted up in front of a liquor store on Geneva and Michion with legit looking picket signs saying that they're on strike. Yet, there's another sign to the right of them simply stating: "These people DO NOT and HAVE NEVER worked at this store. Please disregard their presence." All I know is, I'm not getting in the middle of this one.

A hottie boom baadi was once quoted as saying, "Basically, I consider Asians to be Black. They HELLA hood!" Samoans are big as fuheck, which helps when hitting up Slaveway for all of their cardboard, then stackin up all the free periodicals that were freshly refilled, presumably for that recycling cheddah. Hey, can't knock the hustle!

Some pigeons were either prepin for a chicken fight, or just dassing. I thought it was funny, unlike the many poo poo bomber close encounters I've had at Balboa Park station. Watch your heads unless you want green eggs and ham on em!

DJ SadBladder has my camera, otherwise I'd have some super pics up. Either way... Cheah!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

life, love, stress, and setbacks-damnrappers

ancient graffiti.
garnish your turd.
all time low?
nasal spray.
bbq brisket(!)
veggie dogs...(hate!)
sniff the mogul.
contract dossing.
dos contract. or around your mouth.
analog faders?
must procure!
fecal dog.
radio revueltas.
aurora? no burns. just planes.
braaaaaaa. yeah bro.
cease and desist
yeah.. you are THAT cool.
homemade tortillas. heaven.
who brought this clown?
s4 groom lake.
double gulps.
sauced portrayal.
look harder.
advanced civilization.
motion picture.
strike that chord.
sweet mary.
salted self.
sprinkle me.
most of much of what i know catches a....
it's ok. the mothership is here. rejoice. revive. relive.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

People at my work live by the above video, for I am the lone shittar of the 3rd floor!!!

It's a beautiful day in the neigh po' hood. Go outside, just don't get caught drinking CL's in the touristy area, cuz some 80's bad ass law men will tell you to "GET LOST"!!!! On that note, be sure to scope out the sweet babes that come out in droves when it's over 45 degrees.

It's been years now, you straggler ass extreeeeeeme kids, and I still don't have a tool! Let's put that inquiry to rest.

Jake and Pierre battle for the most supreme networking skills. Pierre gets discount kayaking, and Jake gets fed by girls... You be the judge.

Look out for the newest Focho publishing "Making Poor Fun: Your Guide to the Bay Area". The best of the best in food, drink, scum and entertainment that is light on the old welfare check. Guy got leads like twah!!!!!!!!!!!! Aigh late


funny shit has been goin down on the constant. from getting fired to starting fires. but lets be real now... pretty sure i'm bout to head to los scandalous. which means i'm bout to say hella, hella much. courtnee and daniel need to tell their peeps not to hate.

pigpen really wants to rap. guy hates. L needs to accommodate.

fuck the eastside...i'm over it.

bam bam bigalow drank my left over forty. he actually has super fresh style. pink bonnets neon green laces? f n aye!

of....of....of....i turn it this way and i see meaning...<

Sunday, February 3, 2008

it's super bowl sunday. people turned 25 yesterday. congrats. cyph5 can't stop gargling rocks on the floor. vince is sittin on a goldmine right about now. l to the(insert dots here) isn't hyped on cyph5's change of plans.... but we knew it would come to this. i'm a pretty ugly blonde. dang yo... i think that's all for now.