Saturday, February 9, 2008

People at my work live by the above video, for I am the lone shittar of the 3rd floor!!!

It's a beautiful day in the neigh po' hood. Go outside, just don't get caught drinking CL's in the touristy area, cuz some 80's bad ass law men will tell you to "GET LOST"!!!! On that note, be sure to scope out the sweet babes that come out in droves when it's over 45 degrees.

It's been years now, you straggler ass extreeeeeeme kids, and I still don't have a tool! Let's put that inquiry to rest.

Jake and Pierre battle for the most supreme networking skills. Pierre gets discount kayaking, and Jake gets fed by girls... You be the judge.

Look out for the newest Focho publishing "Making Poor Fun: Your Guide to the Bay Area". The best of the best in food, drink, scum and entertainment that is light on the old welfare check. Guy got leads like twah!!!!!!!!!!!! Aigh late

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