Saturday, February 23, 2008


diggy dang...
thursday night was poppin!
the Focho clika/cliqua invaded with booze on the agenda.
we ran into lilly's brother and he set up the nights quotable... favorite quote? "have you guys heard of a place called the temple?" to which guy responds.."WE OWN THAT SHIT!"
i can't believe we didn't have to talk to the cops at all!(i didn't find out how the night ended for everyone else till the next day.)
eventually we made it to the temple and some chica i was dancing with tried to slip me some ghb. so i drank it!!! best corona of the night!
at some point i picked up a busted a jar of peanut butter. then i tookted that shit...i don't even eated that shit. i just poureded that shit on the windshield of some random car at a stoplight. the girls in the car loved it! go figure. go fish. go dumb. go hard or go home!

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