Monday, February 25, 2008

My focho birthday

First off the b-day celebration began focho style with yahoo/ craigslist personal ads just for shits and giggles. We tried finding Cat's friends to no avail.
Sorry you couldn't be there Lydon- heard your bro's wedding was way tight though.way to come out on thursday to tide house.
Austin showed his 100% love and dedication by BBQing in the rain for my 22nd birthday so we could be make rich fun with good ole gilas friends (chea! Black and Belen know what's up) and family, a BBQ , Rice a Roni, Garlic Bread, Pork and Beans, that great green salad, white wine and cake.
Check out that mad matrix move... Austin says I'm ghost riding my arm

My most favorite cake ever! A beautiful super moist chocolate fudge chocolate cake with that good pink writing. We had our fill but left half so I could be sung to again at Vince's house.

We show up all late to Vince's house (Thanks Vince for being down and hosting my b-day pogs madness party.) My brothers came to show sibling love. Daniel and David converted to Focho from being sicuenta (650). My brother Daniel will credit himself for starting this pogs tournament and David will credit himself with winning it.

Fuck topping off.

David and Kristin and the stack of 5 pogs

"Its a secular Institution" "smoke weed every day"

Soul Train

Cyph did it

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