Monday, February 18, 2008

YOU don't KNOW my 'SCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it:

Two busted ass dudes are posted up in front of a liquor store on Geneva and Michion with legit looking picket signs saying that they're on strike. Yet, there's another sign to the right of them simply stating: "These people DO NOT and HAVE NEVER worked at this store. Please disregard their presence." All I know is, I'm not getting in the middle of this one.

A hottie boom baadi was once quoted as saying, "Basically, I consider Asians to be Black. They HELLA hood!" Samoans are big as fuheck, which helps when hitting up Slaveway for all of their cardboard, then stackin up all the free periodicals that were freshly refilled, presumably for that recycling cheddah. Hey, can't knock the hustle!

Some pigeons were either prepin for a chicken fight, or just dassing. I thought it was funny, unlike the many poo poo bomber close encounters I've had at Balboa Park station. Watch your heads unless you want green eggs and ham on em!

DJ SadBladder has my camera, otherwise I'd have some super pics up. Either way... Cheah!

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