Monday, March 24, 2008

last post

the last post on this bitch was on march fif... i think. so here i go.
i571 hella much. tommy punched me in the face...(and hooked me up mid allergy season) after he said "statutory jameson something uterus" while freestylin about some cute girls sjsu sweater.
me n cyph took turns driving each others dead bodies around the bay just so we could keep partying. i still slept hella much. it was nice.
you're fighting or fucking.. you can't go to a party w/o m n f r's goin for one or the other. so that's my knew slogan. end of story.
we missed aunty almas 50th and for that i am uber sad cheeks. but she understands, so it's all good.
all and all it was another one for the books. NASA!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cyforce1's House!!!!!

This is a chronological detailing of EVERYTHING that happened on Saturday at Cyph's bash o rama:

Kodyak's bro's take on the "sangwish", presented in post Avant-Scum.

I detoured to hang out with cute girls.

Cyph and Thor beat each other up.

Me and Guy ate all the ice cream.

The End