Tuesday, April 29, 2008

we're back online...

well i'm glad to see everyone else is BACK! yee.focho.com was getting no love for a minute there and now the peeps have come back strong. that's what i like to see kids! well it looks like i'm about to drag my scum out to san diego. should be interesting...to say the least. aside from that i'ma have to put the couple projects i got crackin on hold for a minute. it you haven't heard The Black Plague... you should. it's hot. not you're average mc/producer tag team. anyway. i'm sure i'll come back with some knew project by the time i' make my way back up to the bay...

Focho Horse shoe tournament/ Ill be done with comprehensive examines BBQ

Chea, so i have not been present to the world for like two weeks, and this is going to have to continue untill 4 o clock saturday, which is when my year long comprehensive exam in theory will end, before this three hour test starts at one i will be taking another three hour comprehensive exam in research methods from 9 - 12 I have to pass these test in order to get a masters, hella pressure. so as you all can imagine at about 4:07 i will be drunk, if any one is down join me in the Jose or in Gilas hit me up. On sunday i will be drinking and playing horse shoes in my backyard and BBQing So if you down to roll to Gilas make it happen, as of next week i will be officially present again to the world so yadidi hit me up!

Viva la Clica

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yes We Can!!!!

What up fam!!

Just letting everyone know that I appreciate all the support me and the rest of Construct have gotten from all of you guys. With the video, new album, and all the shows we've had lately, you guys have been hustlin' to support as much as possible. We have HELLA shows comin' up and we're going on a west coast tour throughout July, which is hella exciting. FOCHO is the clique and know that I always keep the majority of you in mind when making other rappers want to take exceeded doses of sleeping pills with 4 shots of everclear.-Thank you. Now please enjoy this short video of complete truth and innovation from our future president and some of his friends. Peace.

Monday, April 21, 2008

First and foremost, props to Black for holdin down Focho and the intronet. Youtube digga!!!!!

WAR is the shit! Sleeping in the parqueeeeeeeeeeeee… cuz we get high (bom bom bom bommmm) off the sun - shine! MaNN, I’ve been a sleepy Mexican as of late, but it’s all for the right reasons. Tryin to make it a point to kick it with the people I care about most (if you read this shit, that would be you), so sleep has been last on the laundry list of priorities. Unfortunately, so has music, which will change today and beyond.

If I had to choose one type of food to eat everyday for the rest of my life, it would without a doubt be soy, soy, SOY! wtf? PSYCHE!!!!!!! Mexican food has energized my beaten physical form for the past like 12 bullets now and I’m lovin’ every Tapatio drenched moment of it… but it’s definitely time to hit up Slaveway and get my wallet out that huge vice it’s been in since my bro’s wedding. That Frisco premium is killin me!!!!!! But I’ve still never been to a bad Taqueria up herrr, thass ma’ word!

I haven’t fully inspected it, but I think my camera is dead. He took too many powerbombs in Vegas, but not before I snapped some shots. No matter, I’ll pick up an uber cool replacement for mad cheap, R+D hurrah!!!!!!! Pero cheah, Vegas is the land of excess and craziness and cheeeeezzzeeeburgers and slutters and Guidos and beeratalltimes and cree smoke and more slutters. Couldn’t of had a better time, unless I actually got a hold of Fonda. Damn!!

Found out recently that the homie Aziz from Santa Cruz lost his life in the worst way… at the hands of the police. I’m baffled by the whole situation, as I’m sure everyone who knew him is, and as well deeply saddened. Personally, I only knew Aziz from the few times we kicked it, but dude was an amazing person whose personality and genuine kindness made it seem like we had been homies from WAAAYYY back, not just acquaintances. And judging from other people’s stories, I’m not the only one. I’m glad his people are stickin their necks out to make sure that the general public understands who Aziz actually was, instead of letting peon journalists ghetto-glamorize, and in turn “justify”, the events of the night. But in the end, we won’t forget the ALMIGHTY AZIZ and his boomin’ voice. We kept Nobel Dr crackin’, no doubt. Rest in peace my friend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Construct Existence...Fresh Four'08

Saturday night was off the hook... if you weren't there. maaaaad FOCHO heads were in the building like whaaaaaaaa! Souled Out held it down once again. Nothin but fire all night. nothin but love for those heads. Dust9's b-day "just so happened" to be the same night as well....So we raged even harder! hahahha! On the real tho!!! It was money. One Vibe all night. (plug intended)

I stole cameras and shot pics. Everyone keeps hitting me up thinking i owned the cameras hahhaa! I love it. So no pics. But it was _____. on the _____. _____ exchanged hands. _____ makes the world go round? hey, dirty, baby i got yo _____. switchin four lanes, with the top don't screamin out _____ ain't a thang!!! for the love of _____. Bitch better have my _____!

aight <'s