Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Construct Existence...Fresh Four'08

Saturday night was off the hook... if you weren't there. maaaaad FOCHO heads were in the building like whaaaaaaaa! Souled Out held it down once again. Nothin but fire all night. nothin but love for those heads. Dust9's b-day "just so happened" to be the same night as well....So we raged even harder! hahahha! On the real tho!!! It was money. One Vibe all night. (plug intended)

I stole cameras and shot pics. Everyone keeps hitting me up thinking i owned the cameras hahhaa! I love it. So no pics. But it was _____. on the _____. _____ exchanged hands. _____ makes the world go round? hey, dirty, baby i got yo _____. switchin four lanes, with the top don't screamin out _____ ain't a thang!!! for the love of _____. Bitch better have my _____!

aight <'s

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