Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Focho Horse shoe tournament/ Ill be done with comprehensive examines BBQ

Chea, so i have not been present to the world for like two weeks, and this is going to have to continue untill 4 o clock saturday, which is when my year long comprehensive exam in theory will end, before this three hour test starts at one i will be taking another three hour comprehensive exam in research methods from 9 - 12 I have to pass these test in order to get a masters, hella pressure. so as you all can imagine at about 4:07 i will be drunk, if any one is down join me in the Jose or in Gilas hit me up. On sunday i will be drinking and playing horse shoes in my backyard and BBQing So if you down to roll to Gilas make it happen, as of next week i will be officially present again to the world so yadidi hit me up!

Viva la Clica

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