Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nada Sucka!

I just saw the most intense staredown ever!!! Mexican v Mexican, all faded on BART at 3 in the afternoon, standing right in front of eachother, staring for a good 50-60 seconds. I don't know... allasudden one gets up from his seat to wait for the next stop and just starts staring at the other, who looks right at dude and doesn't even flinch!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for a punch for sure. Good thing me, Ale, Nathan, and Zay got bleacher seats at the Giants game yesterday, otherwise I woulda been instigating shit like when we were ten... "Awww shit! He was saying how much of a pussy you were earlier!!!" Haha! But for reals, hyphy beezies all night! One just had zero rhythm when it came to rally chants and just needed to be quiet, but decided to fall all over everyone. A group of young and tenders drank entirely too much and got kicked out by the 11th, which prompted one dude to say, "They weren't expecting extra innings!!" I thought it was funny. Then this down ass beezz out of nowhere starts wailin on some huge ass bald guy, seriously like 5-6 clean shots to the face, all fist. She got taken away by her folks, dude sat there with his drink, face welted up like a mo fo, and suddenly realized that he got fucked up by a chick in front of mad people, prompting him to yell, "fuck that!" and bounce after her. Chances are she beat some ass. Moral of this story, red heads suck.

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