Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. _______Thumb

Obama realistically, Cynthia McKinney morally.

You know my steez… “Never compromisin’ my core, not a portion nor a smidgen!” (A line from that new goodness from ya Focho folkers Cyph4 n L to the… Coming SOON!!!!)

Watch this video and be sure to update names and faces and political keywords according to the present times. 'Memberrrrr??? You 'memberrrr!!!!!

Can I be down???

Current bumps: Cyph4, Of Nazareth/CFAV, (and I'm feelin')myself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

one hundred

that's right kids... our one hundredth blog. lemme start of with some of my favorite pics from past posts.

univerSal gettin up in the jam room.

fuck a taste ultra lounge. b-boy summit on ya doorstep suckas.

san jose pd hates us.

if you know belen... you know why.

looks like we've reached our first milestone. twerd up.

focho. good shit. no ones gotten a tat yet. cept diane a. but his are different.

peefeeyzeee z. also got some ink, pero no aye focho placaso. became

big thangs baby. i know everyone's hungry. and for all the right reasons.

nothing but sunshine.

props to guy for reppin to the fullest.

props to construct for being move-makers.

props to L for paying for all that time.

props to cat n sean for being awesome people.

props to verse for keepin it real 24-7-365

props to cristina for being a bad-ass as well as the first lady of focho.

props to everyone who every attended a thursday madness.

props to dust9 for being one of my favorite artists ever.

props to everyone who's ever attended a focho friday.

props to the blackguy dance for being such a big hit.

i've kind of exhausted my pics but here's a couple... with a little loving advice from yours truly.

summer is hear. it's gfest. please hydrate. water works from what i hear.

don't forget to let loose a little. show some ass or son-ting.

bbq on someone elses turf... n feed 'em for lettin you.

then take photos of them gurpin bomby shrimp shish kebabs .
i've been preachin this one for a minute. try ad make music with the people you work with.... once you've mastered the art of co-worker tunes... let's see you try and manage that big headed monster you've created.

also... never forget....

the real question is.... why was there only 3 of us?

a big THANK YOU goes out to atom for hookin me up with a power strip for the udio. shit is way raw for "beat off '08"!!!!

find the marine market. $4.99 a piece. no tax. holla!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Umm Cheah?

So we went to Puerto Vallarta and I got a part time gig while I was there (That's me in case you were wondering):

I also made a new friend:

And got a dog:

And we did all kinds of tight shit like partake in the bombiest:

Nahh more like...



For the full collection of pics, check Ale's Miespacio @ and my Fochobucket @

Viva Mexico and viva la cliqua!!!!!!!

taco cook off?

i thought this was cool. dude drives a box truck to do recycling and it used to get hit up all the time. you get someone o throw down a full piece on your piece and the taggers will cease. kinda catchy huh? so yeah these were the ones on his whip. i forgot the artist' name but he designs for seedless clothing. which you may or may not have heard of.

p.s. if you ever wanna have a taco cook off.... i'm with that. i gots fire all day!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


focho... meet my roomate deveney. i have 2 others, but she was the first i could convince to drop on the mic. a lil white wine with 7up will put anyone in the mood to get live.

i've had this idea for a while. you write/paste/tape/staple/glue ideas to a board that you hang right in front the person putting it down. well... you get the natural sound from the freestyle with the content of a written. it worked out alright for deveney... maybe you're with that?

feelin it.

like i said... the park across the street from my house is soooo money.this beam walk is money all faded. anyone who knows what's up with that barefoot action is down with me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


love ur guts
find the knew udio. con 4track across the bed due to lack of power strip pero i gets it done.( my model! it was the only thing i had up for like the first week i was here.)

so you know it's bout to last.
i laughed.

i laugh a bunch. i love life. people are awesome. time is the x-factor. unlike lauryn hills ex-factor. i smile. so my knew deal is this. i can only have so much time to create... and the rest is devoted to getting inspired. i can't give percentages since i can't tell how much i'll be inspired right? but i'm fucking n uts as of now so i can create hellsa. inspiration IS. where's this going? well i've never finished an album. but someday... now that i'm doin it big with the 4track i have no choice but to fill tapes. so when inspired... i'll fill a little of that 1st tape. once i've filled both sides... that will be my first album. 2tracks...the A side and the B side.. 30 minutes long... unless it's a 90 minute tape... but you get the picture. i've already thrown 3 "songs" on this first tape (one of which is that "rainy day bounce" - ft. Guy & UniverSal...NAME DROP!!!! NAME DROP!!!!) and am waaaaay excited to actually have a plan of attack as far as getting something "done" musically. now that i've rambled through my entire existence...have a good day. i love you.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

making poor fun (por vida)

justa quickie... this big ass burrito (that's a 24oz bottle!) is only $2.10 out the door. it's b.r.c. con juevos. yee! but only till eleven am. don't sleep!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Soy Gileno

Hoy cuando estaba trabajando, migel y yo habllababmos sobre apodos por que migel es de ciudad mexico, y personas de ciudad mexico se llaman Chilangos, hemos decidido que personas de gilas nessecitan un apodo, entoces la gente de gilas deberia llamarse Gilenos, con the ena. Entoces Yo Soy Gileno de Focho CHEA!!

Viva la Clica!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

get on my hype

i hope your fourth was everything uncle sam wanted it to be.

i know his was. he was soloing one the jazz (yazz) flute across from a live reggae band. awesome.

think of getting <'ed by rocks?

awesome advice. i had homemade ice cream on the beach yesterday.

yo, i'm hellsa cereal when i say this... come to san diego. after g fest. i'm telling you cause i love you and want you to have a good time. (get on my hype).

Friday, July 4, 2008

random life.

fiesta mercado has that bomby marinade... but what you know about those tijuana dogs?

this is spider. this is what he looks like when he's listening to his first track produced my your truly.

who paints a kitties nails?

a HUGE congratulations goes out to Cristina and Andy! much love!!!!!!!!

team piaso

this here's that throwback love. honestly.... i think these pics are like 2 year old or son-ting.

all day baby.

find bums gettin it on? whatever it is.

we do thangs right.

urban buccaneers... con cervesa.

it's all the little things that remind me of home. i'm doing good though... great. you have to come stay at my house. we can drink 40's in the jacuzzi over looking the canyon while we bbq tiajuana dogs. houston!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To all fans of me in general......

So basically just to keep everyone updated on music and shit going on in my life. I will start out by saying that Cristina's party was off the hook!! Dance sessions and pool side conversations were fresh!

Alright, I also want to make sure that everyone can come through to this show, which is our official SF album release party for "Epic Knowledge". Also if you don't have a copy get @ me and you'll get one ASAP!!! Here be the flyer!!!

Okay also, my solo album is coming along GREAT!!! I'm almost done and am looking at a September release. I'll have new tracks on Myspace soon though. Keep checking back w/ me.

To top that all off the CRAZY news is that the new Construct Existence album is almost finished. It will be called the "Revolutionary Vandals E.P." It will be 9 tracks of straight FIYAH!!! We are looking to release it in one month exactly, so be on the look out for that shit. If you haven't heard the new ish on the Construct myspace it's called "Romeo Complex" produced by the one and only DJ Madd Hatter. It is one of many new gems we have been composing. Shit's ILL SON!!!

Also Me and Mr. L To The... have been working on our E.P. as much as possible for the entire FOCHO nation to bask in it's greatness. It will be done VERY soon. I don't wanna give away anymore about it besides the fact that it's gonna be DOPE!!!!!

The last thing is ME and Madd Hatter are also working on an album. As a group we're called "Educated Jesterz" and the album is gonna be called "In Session". It will be comin' soon to a FOCHO Ipod near you soon enough!! We are gonna be having a lot of shows comin up after the month of July so be prepared to break ya goddamn necks!!! FOCHO NATION POR VIDA!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cristina's Graduation

So A lot has been going on and I got hella pictures but the most important events were Cristina's graduation and then her grad Party so check it, massive picture update

Cristina made $1300 at the awards ceremony for being the biggest bad ass at Santa Clara, 4 years of college only 1 B+ need I say More

Champagne Reception With her fam, Godfrie was also down. We drank it all Chea

Cristina Got inducted into the oldest honor society in the country, Founded in 1776, as you can see she was the tigthest one there, she and the other 43 white/ Asian rich kids were the only ones to be inducted in Nor Cal



The Party Was the Shit

And then there was dancing

Funky Mothers Chea

And More Dancing

Daft Punk Break Down

Criss Cross

Even More Dancing

CONGRADULATIONS CRISTINA and THANKS to all who came out to the Party