Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cristina's Graduation

So A lot has been going on and I got hella pictures but the most important events were Cristina's graduation and then her grad Party so check it, massive picture update

Cristina made $1300 at the awards ceremony for being the biggest bad ass at Santa Clara, 4 years of college only 1 B+ need I say More

Champagne Reception With her fam, Godfrie was also down. We drank it all Chea

Cristina Got inducted into the oldest honor society in the country, Founded in 1776, as you can see she was the tigthest one there, she and the other 43 white/ Asian rich kids were the only ones to be inducted in Nor Cal



The Party Was the Shit

And then there was dancing

Funky Mothers Chea

And More Dancing

Daft Punk Break Down

Criss Cross

Even More Dancing

CONGRADULATIONS CRISTINA and THANKS to all who came out to the Party

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