Wednesday, July 16, 2008


love ur guts
find the knew udio. con 4track across the bed due to lack of power strip pero i gets it done.( my model! it was the only thing i had up for like the first week i was here.)

so you know it's bout to last.
i laughed.

i laugh a bunch. i love life. people are awesome. time is the x-factor. unlike lauryn hills ex-factor. i smile. so my knew deal is this. i can only have so much time to create... and the rest is devoted to getting inspired. i can't give percentages since i can't tell how much i'll be inspired right? but i'm fucking n uts as of now so i can create hellsa. inspiration IS. where's this going? well i've never finished an album. but someday... now that i'm doin it big with the 4track i have no choice but to fill tapes. so when inspired... i'll fill a little of that 1st tape. once i've filled both sides... that will be my first album. 2tracks...the A side and the B side.. 30 minutes long... unless it's a 90 minute tape... but you get the picture. i've already thrown 3 "songs" on this first tape (one of which is that "rainy day bounce" - ft. Guy & UniverSal...NAME DROP!!!! NAME DROP!!!!) and am waaaaay excited to actually have a plan of attack as far as getting something "done" musically. now that i've rambled through my entire existence...have a good day. i love you.

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