Thursday, July 24, 2008

one hundred

that's right kids... our one hundredth blog. lemme start of with some of my favorite pics from past posts.

univerSal gettin up in the jam room.

fuck a taste ultra lounge. b-boy summit on ya doorstep suckas.

san jose pd hates us.

if you know belen... you know why.

looks like we've reached our first milestone. twerd up.

focho. good shit. no ones gotten a tat yet. cept diane a. but his are different.

peefeeyzeee z. also got some ink, pero no aye focho placaso. became

big thangs baby. i know everyone's hungry. and for all the right reasons.

nothing but sunshine.

props to guy for reppin to the fullest.

props to construct for being move-makers.

props to L for paying for all that time.

props to cat n sean for being awesome people.

props to verse for keepin it real 24-7-365

props to cristina for being a bad-ass as well as the first lady of focho.

props to everyone who every attended a thursday madness.

props to dust9 for being one of my favorite artists ever.

props to everyone who's ever attended a focho friday.

props to the blackguy dance for being such a big hit.

i've kind of exhausted my pics but here's a couple... with a little loving advice from yours truly.

summer is hear. it's gfest. please hydrate. water works from what i hear.

don't forget to let loose a little. show some ass or son-ting.

bbq on someone elses turf... n feed 'em for lettin you.

then take photos of them gurpin bomby shrimp shish kebabs .
i've been preachin this one for a minute. try ad make music with the people you work with.... once you've mastered the art of co-worker tunes... let's see you try and manage that big headed monster you've created.

also... never forget....


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