Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To all fans of me in general......

So basically just to keep everyone updated on music and shit going on in my life. I will start out by saying that Cristina's party was off the hook!! Dance sessions and pool side conversations were fresh!

Alright, I also want to make sure that everyone can come through to this show, which is our official SF album release party for "Epic Knowledge". Also if you don't have a copy get @ me and you'll get one ASAP!!! Here be the flyer!!!

Okay also, my solo album is coming along GREAT!!! I'm almost done and am looking at a September release. I'll have new tracks on Myspace soon though. Keep checking back w/ me.

To top that all off the CRAZY news is that the new Construct Existence album is almost finished. It will be called the "Revolutionary Vandals E.P." It will be 9 tracks of straight FIYAH!!! We are looking to release it in one month exactly, so be on the look out for that shit. If you haven't heard the new ish on the Construct myspace it's called "Romeo Complex" produced by the one and only DJ Madd Hatter. It is one of many new gems we have been composing. Shit's ILL SON!!!

Also Me and Mr. L To The... have been working on our E.P. as much as possible for the entire FOCHO nation to bask in it's greatness. It will be done VERY soon. I don't wanna give away anymore about it besides the fact that it's gonna be DOPE!!!!!

The last thing is ME and Madd Hatter are also working on an album. As a group we're called "Educated Jesterz" and the album is gonna be called "In Session". It will be comin' soon to a FOCHO Ipod near you soon enough!! We are gonna be having a lot of shows comin up after the month of July so be prepared to break ya goddamn necks!!! FOCHO NATION POR VIDA!!!!

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