Wednesday, October 29, 2008


infermo... hella. but hey, when the boys say you need a hot tottie... you have a hot tottie. green tea. a shot of whiskey. and hella honey. hella on the hella.
i finally got the studio lined up nicely but i'ma be moving out soon.. < (i hear b/w is in these day? expect more.)

the sign read.... "hug a black mexican. you'll feel better." keep n eye out for don't watch this volume 2 "beast up". kirby n myself done got some good good so it's fittin to make you smile.

as usual, i'll leave ya'll with some advice i found rollin through the hieghts....(find the yellow sign!)

christmas. i'm with that. whenever. wherever. i'm down. propers to l to da... for gettin on my hype with the photo dumpage. yeee!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pinche yeah! Me n Cyph are basically done with our CD, I ate a bunch of aite Indian food for lunch and I'm gonna eat summore, and funny stuff is on tv tonight. 30 Rock and the Office? Ahhhh yeeeaaah. Saucyness will ensue anoche cuando Bear popoZao. Ale, I'm drinking all the beer you left here. Mi so salli! I got way more funnies that will get posted soon. FOOOOCCCCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Mo fucka.

Black, I wish I could see your carpet covered in Jello and used panties and puke, as it will be after your Halloween party. My puke will have to be there in spirit. But FOCHO Christmas will go down in a major way, whether it's in Gilas, Frisco, fuckin Fahrenheit, it doesn't matter. I say we just do it on Chirstmas night. Seriously, why not?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Latinos por Obama.

Un corrido por una banda de mariachi!!

(two tight versions)

VOTE OBAMA NOV 4TH !!! ...... again... hopefully....I think

First of all props to black for being the first to hit up focho after the long hiatus and prompting me to act. SO I think I just bought, it had expired but some one is using it to advertize, I checked right now to see if it was avalable to buy, it said I could buy it on back order, what ever that means so I bought it for $18 on back order.. we'll see what the means but hopefully Im gonna make the G'd up focho happen.

Second. yeah im down for focho christmas party on any date, Im gonna stay in the focho this year.

Third. this friday im trying to throw a tailgate for the SJSU game, the game will be big, we are actually good this year and are playing for first place, im gonna be out there hopefully at 1 to start the queing and drinking, anyone who is down, hit me up

Fourth. Peep the pictures that diana took of the last focho madness gathering, they are whats up... peep her facebook for the rest
viva la clica

Monday, October 20, 2008

that new new knew shit!!! another change but we rolls with the punches. soon enough we'll have this site G'd up from the feet up. pero right now... not so much. nothin but love to all my weaples up n down the coast.

holloween party at my house on the 25th.. everyone's invited. costumes are manditory but after the 100 everclear jello shots are gone i don't think anyone is going to care what you're wearing.

speaking of parties? what's up with this years focho christmas party? the 26th maybe? i think i'm have to make my trip up for christmas a short one but if we can get the party date close to the 25th i'll be able to attend. love(!) aight <