Wednesday, October 29, 2008


infermo... hella. but hey, when the boys say you need a hot tottie... you have a hot tottie. green tea. a shot of whiskey. and hella honey. hella on the hella.
i finally got the studio lined up nicely but i'ma be moving out soon.. < (i hear b/w is in these day? expect more.)

the sign read.... "hug a black mexican. you'll feel better." keep n eye out for don't watch this volume 2 "beast up". kirby n myself done got some good good so it's fittin to make you smile.

as usual, i'll leave ya'll with some advice i found rollin through the hieghts....(find the yellow sign!)

christmas. i'm with that. whenever. wherever. i'm down. propers to l to da... for gettin on my hype with the photo dumpage. yeee!

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