Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pinche yeah! Me n Cyph are basically done with our CD, I ate a bunch of aite Indian food for lunch and I'm gonna eat summore, and funny stuff is on tv tonight. 30 Rock and the Office? Ahhhh yeeeaaah. Saucyness will ensue anoche cuando Bear popoZao. Ale, I'm drinking all the beer you left here. Mi so salli! I got way more funnies that will get posted soon. FOOOOCCCCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Mo fucka.

Black, I wish I could see your carpet covered in Jello and used panties and puke, as it will be after your Halloween party. My puke will have to be there in spirit. But FOCHO Christmas will go down in a major way, whether it's in Gilas, Frisco, fuckin Fahrenheit, it doesn't matter. I say we just do it on Chirstmas night. Seriously, why not?

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