Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be American

chea!!! focho cliqua por vida!!!

what do you do when a customer brings your a bag of fresh croissants from his bakery?
hang them in the back so kirby can get sick...

take 'em home n toast 'em, then you fry some ham with onions and jalapenos, cut up some tomato, lettuce, n avocado.... slap it together n you have one hell of a breakfast...

mira mesa inn (MMI) is the spot... dummy gone karaoke on tuesdays... free chili dogs on sundays... it's hard to go wrong. just ask maria. (my favorite barTENDER)

halloween.... i know i know... it was hella long ago. but peeps love the pics waaaaaaay tooo much. n like i said... i have something like 180 funny ass pics all with uber long funny storries to go with each one.

Obamadimean!!!! i'm not gonna lie. i was scared. but everything (for the most part) turned out o.k.... yesterday i rode around mira mesa listening to epic knowlege... awesome. i know there's tons of new stuff but i really like that album.... ALOT. if you haven't heard or simply have no clue... find casey or dustin and cop that. it'll make you proud to be an american.

now that i've got all that out the system... bobbi... i think focho is due for another one of your long ass minute by minute play by play updates.... i'm not gonna lie, that first one was BEYOND DETAILED! holla! also...

Dust9!!!!!!!!!! get up on here!!!!!
UniverSAL!!!! get up on here!!!!!
Cyph!!!!!!!! you probably doing it as i write this!

aight <'s

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