Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Poor Fun con Tacos

In Gilas doin' my worst to not be hungover at Thanksgiving dinner:

Madness at a tamer moment:

Barely got the camera out my pocket using ninja tactics, presumably picked up involuntarily from Tantrum at some point, for this pic:

Mystery stain in my bedroom carpet:

“Making Poor Fun: The Focho Guide to Fun” was supposed to, and will one day be, an officially published piece of impoverished goodness, dropping a dime on all the budget eateries, drinkeries, and playeries from your hood to ours. It’s in the pipeline, no doubt, along with every other brilliant idea that your fine Focho representatives have blinked up. But until its impending release to the world, I hope that my fellow bloggers/readers (let’s be real, we’re the only ones that read this shit) join with me in contributing a few to of our favorite spots in the mean time.

Food: Taqueria Vallarta – I hear it all the time: “Why would anyone ever order tacos when they can get a big ass burrito for a few bucks more?” And I agree, most of the time. The Frisco premium is killin’ the taco scene in the 415, and not in the good, yo mama joke sort of way. $3.00 for a taco?? Come on now. Soy Gileno; there’s a 4 taco minimum and prices like this make taco mashin’ in the ‘Sco undoable. So when I first laid eyes on the beautiful, cast-iron griddle prominently displayed in the front window of Taqueria Vallarta, showcasing a medley of sizzling, tender meats and towers of fresh corn tortillas waiting to get slapped on the grill, I already knew they knew what’s up. Buck fifty a pop for carne con ‘tilla. YEE! Waiting to grace these bad boys are the various salsa options, cilantro, and onions (if you nasty like that), all self service. I haven’t ordered anything other than the tacos, yet, but I’m very confident it’s all bomb. Check em out either on 24th and Harrison or by my hood on Mission and Persia. Gurp!

Keep em comin’ folks, I’ll do the same. And just a reminder, Focho Christmas is next Saturday 12/27. It’s starting early at 6pm, so take advice from Obie, quit chure lagging!! Whooo!!! Free copies of me and Cyph’s ep will be available for those that don’t have one. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their familia, eats plenty, and has a well orchestrated exchange of gifts. Cheah!

Current bumps: Tupac – All Eyes on Me – Disc 2
Digital Underground – Sons of the P
Busdriver – Memoirs of the ElephantMan
Del – 11th Hour

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