Sunday, December 7, 2008


Focho.. Tailgate Nation

So over the last five weeks Focho made it happen twice at the San Jose State Football tailgate, shit was Cracken

The first tailgate Ale and I showed up at like two rolling in da Chevey and then made this happen,


Props to Nathen, Joe ,Katie, Mari, my sis, Rachiel and my Dad who came through,

Right before this picture My dad said the quote of the week.

Ale: "Wheres Lydon at?"

Austin: "He said he was all partied out, he cant make it"

Ale: "LAte Then"

Sean: " Im More Focho than Lydon, You tell lydon I was Focho before he was born"


So obviously the next time Focho came through in full force,

Find Lydon taking a shit

Nathen admited he loves SJSU

there were these ladies one group over form us who kept ditching there husbands to come chill wit us, They herd the new L to the... Y cyph jam and wanted to be down with Focho





Sadly, State lost both of those games pretty badly, but the tailgating was obviously the main point.

In other news,

I hella officially own now although I dont know yet how to make the site action happen, but I'm gonna figure it out, anyone with that kind of WWW knowledge, Holla (BELEN)

I peeped the new style and that shit is whats up, Im thinking Focho should follow in their footsteps with the upgrades,

Also, Im thinking there should be a focho snowboarding trip I know peeps are down.

Lastly, I heard L to the was bouncing to India. YadidI thats whats up have Fun y be safe


Props to Lydon for again holding the Focho Christmas party at his house and for making the incredibly cool, awesome flyer

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