Wednesday, January 28, 2009

uber (random)

lemme start of by saying i'm way glad we have a sleepy mexican on board. yadidisixdicksboo?

this pic is pretty old.... i may have even posted it before... but it's a good one anyway.

i found this at an awesome (tasting!!!) sandwich joint.

the klique plays at the cougars den in la. (sorry for the neck ache)

wow. i had a CRAZY time while i was in la. i'll tell you al about it the next time i see you.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Im glade to see so much blog action, yadidiFocho. If you haven't scrolled down yet, make it happen.

The Wire for any of you who don't know is whats up, meaning possibly the best TV show ever. Yall should peep it starting from the beginning. Iv been watching season four these last couple of weeks and the past couple days I've been obsessed with the theme song from this season, its hella short but soooo good, This version of the song is by a group from Baltimore called DoMaJe. give em a listen.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cyph 4'd himself

The Host, The Bear, The Guy...I'm probly sleepings

Mira Guy choppin it up on Maria's Zoolander cell phone

You can imagine the grimeyness I'm sure...

What it does with the focho cliqua??!!  So this is obvies an extension of the cherry-popping BBQ at L to the...'s new spot which needless to say is que onda!!  Guy hooked it up with that chauffeur service to the 'sco and after driving all day it was definitely appreciated.  After the tour of the new maxi pad we commenced to cook up the contents of a carniceria and as previously disclosed shit got got.  Guy was kind enough to bring the video from Focho Christmas, which I was partaking in  for the first time cuz I was mimis for the whole diddy...that is until I came upstairs and slept in a puddle of beer.  Shit seemed like fun from what I saw CHEAH!!!  After watching them videos and the departure of the bear who supposedly grinded them chickens, I did what has now become my trademark....went mimis.  This is something I am personally reflecting on and in light of recent events a change is gonna come...It was requested that one of the most grimey photos ever taken be zoomed in on and cropped, but I will spare the visitors of FOCHO the grimeyness.  Just enjoy the long shot's beauty.  YEEEE

and the winner is...

Preparing for a Mickeys Grenade up the ass

'09 So Foine!

Do yourselves a favor and please read the prior blogs first. I hate to post such a long one and bump em', but I gotsta post!

Wow. Soooo many things to touch and lick and let the air out of! Now, where to start licking…

- First, infinite properelies to pinche Guy for being hella down, keeping the HOPE and bringing Fochodotcom back to virtual independence! dotblogspotdotcom can dotsuckit!

- I’m glad that anytime someone asks me “What’s new?”, I can respond with “OBAMA!!!” and almost always have a pretty tight conversation, as opposed to saying nothing and getting more depressed about my dead end/expendable, palsy-money-making, life-sucking job. All the cliché, retarded comments about how historic this presidency is are well deserved. People are smiling: hopes revitalized, minds strengthened, the fog of faux fears dissipating, psychological tyranny less severe… that good, unseasonable warmth we’ve been experiencing. Here’s to the HOPE that substance will prevail and I can find a new job.

- Nathan can definitely use the fact that he was at the inauguration in DC (not Daly City) to strike up a good convo. That fool is doin it up and HOPEfully will have some tight pics. I envision a lot of black girls with curly hair.

- Me and the misses spent our MLK day being tourists in SF, which is hella fun! Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, clam chowder in sourdough bowls, cable car rides, being all lost and shit, YEEEE!!!! Frisco is such a sick place, explore that motha, even the parts that seem so familiar and touristy.

Beef up.

- Black attack in the 408? Whapaaazzz! Hell yeah motha fucka! Ridiculously big elephant man burgers and all. What better way to celebrate the Obamanation than doin it up Focho on a Tuesday. Big ups to that guy for facilitating the BBQ and making homies party on inaugural Tuesday. And mucho props to Cyph for being the man and sobering up and shit to drive us home.

- The Focho Movie is goin down. We’re wayy too hilarious for it not to happen. No real story, no bs, just bc. When you feel a funny comin on, jot that shit down somewhere, anywhere.

- Congratulations to Dust9 and Jen for their wedding plans and the consequential move to LA. Sadly, this also means the end of Construct Existence Crew and all the floating good shows that those guys put on. Thanks for all the excuses to get extremely drunk and be obnoxious. FLOAT!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! CONSTRUCT CREW CAME TO BONE YOUR MOM!

Three balls.

- On the bright side, me and Cyph’s CD is sIck!! We bumped it at the Black BBQ, the first time in a minute for me, and it is very toiht, entirely due to Kyle Hay’s masterful beats. Black’s mixtape is mega uber. Guy is ridiculous with everything right now. Ale’s holdin down the super sur y Central Coast and I love everyone.

- The christening BBQ at my pad was way dope as well. Carne infinite and it all got eated (I suspect a certain bear ate all the chicken wings). Quite a way to start the new era of Studiudio Focho SF. I gots some high hopes for this spot. It’s a breath of fresh air; new locale, new people, ill vibe. I’m starting to feel that creative tingle again, which will soon be passed along. You will feel my tingle all over your faces! I FEEEEEEEELL GOOD!! Basically, f Rick James, I’m James Brown. Brown Jim, Jim Crow. Crown Infinite, info finite. Finicky perception, personify excellence. Cell dumb, seldom, sell them, well… none. It’s all real baby! If a tree falls in the forest, yo mama would use it as a toothpick.


jacking off FOCHO style. gloves are the new socks.
what kind of nintendo are you playing?

hehehe SF's what's up

check out the article

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A Final Farewell FUCK YOU! From Focho For George W Bush

For our new President BARACK OBAMA!

Did yall see that speech, Wow, amazing. Think of actually having a president that inspires people, and represents hope and change to not only our country but the entire world. And, a president that at least speaks on behalf of us, the middle and working class, and the millions of Americans stuck in poverty. Let us all pray he actually does act on our behalf and is actually able to bring about some change.

Both versions and the reggaeton because they're all so goood.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i just like the udio pics.. muscle cars just came on pandora radio. yee!

yo. sometimes you just gotta get scraped. i was mashin home after a long day at work and i went o.t.b.(over the bars) with a quickness.

i was about to try and record some vocs on my tech set up.

i call this pic "tech proscreen xl"

the sd trolly runs on the same pos as the sj light rail. this machine needs to take smaller hits.

uhhh. i wish i had more to show. but i can't take pictures of EVERYTHING. it's funny. the movie "big fish" got mentioned at work today. it of course sparked an hour long conversation about the art of story telling. fuck yeah slick rick. pero chea! own a story.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009!

needless to say the Focho X-mas party went hard, Black's pictures show pretty much everything so if you havent seen em, you should!

I would only add this insanity...

after new years Black Cristina and I embarked on the focho road trip.

The Big Boss vs the Classic



9 hours exactly.
The famouse Wings N Things

Ready to Party


Cristina fought the dog and the... dog won.

Blacks house guest book



Cristina n I drove all night long the next night

11:00 am comfortably cooking breakfast con white russian.

Just another day at work in the life of Cristina

Cristinas roomies n beer

this place is across the street from cristina's work, the tacos come with chips and they got a salsa bar too, hella making poor fun

P.S. As you can see is "back to life, back to reality" tell yo friends!

P.S.S I enabled the comments on dis shit so bring em on!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Studio Focho!!!

One last pass thru the thizz tunnel... Yadidinewspot? Of course y'all know. I'm logging in through HELL!!!! Come see me sometime and I'll explain... We got a place to BBQ!!!

Black, good job with the pics, especially the party ones. Got some gems in that set. I'm glad y'all had a good time.

Catch y'all on the flip. Austin is masterminding a grand adventure to the durrty durrty, that should be fun. Bye bye.

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Q-Tip - The Renaissance
MykaNyne - It's All Love

Currently thumbin:
Banjo Tooie - N64 (Illest game I played in a minute!)
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - DS (Put in a good 2 hours at work on Saturday. YEE!!!!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

have at it

this is everything from my camera from the time i got to gilas all the way till guy n girl left my pad in s.d. saturday night. much love peeps.

p.s. i would suggest watching to slideshow in fast

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Year FOCHISMOS!!!!!!!

Yo, props to Black for posting the breakdown blogs that always make us all feel important in the FOCHO familia. You the man kid!!

FOCHO Xmas cracked off super tough as always. Props to everyone who made that happen, especially L To The..., who happens to be my personal accepted lord and savior. Holy Shit. I love you all so very mucho and just to prove it I paid a sniper old white lady to blast another Wal-Mart regular in the kisser as a token of my affection for all of you that are just so close to my heart. So, dedicated to you FOCHO. Thanks for all the beautiful times. Enjoy.