Thursday, January 22, 2009


i got back to san diego today. i don't know what it is. something drives me nuts. i can't help the anxiety once i know i'm away from MY people. i fucking LOVE you muffukas. it sucks being so attached to something. focho is my most powerfull vice.... hands down.

a rare glimpse at the nintendo gamer in the not-so-power(full)-glove(s)???

lets play a game of write that caption. i will choose the winner and you will get a box of fun stuff from yours truly. seriously..... that must have been a skunked mickey's... cause we all know how much cyph luh da camera. joeys looks like he could have had a sip from the same gernade. who knows. fuck it.

nasty boys? i don't know. i got a couple AMAZING videos but i'm already gettin tired. i'ma watch purple rain and go mimi.



  1. how about the caption for lydon's pic:

    jacking off FOCHO style. gloves are the new socks. what kind of nintendo are you playing?

  2. that caption for the pic of lydon is amazing. GLOVES ARE THE NEW SOCKS!... pero i only have mittens?