Thursday, January 1, 2009


another one in the books. i hope your 'o8 worked out as good as mine. mine only worked out due to YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! all of you. anyone who reads this had a huge part in keeping me sane in 'o8. and now it's just another year of memories. so thank you all and i hope this coming year i'll have a chance to help any of you guys out in even a fraction of the way you guys helped me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

no pics in this post. i'm on my moms dial up dinosaur, so it ain't gonna happen. but i do have alot of love and a list of sorts. the love list? after all that hate i sprinkled last year i think it's time to flip the outlook.

10. FOCHOBAMA!!! i.... like a grip of others,(no one in focho but me cause you guys are all way tight and already knew what time it was beforethey askedededd) voted for the first time. think of maturing under bush? we're gonna have some super angry adults on our hands here pretty soon. but hey.... barak in the white house. i think we might be in the clear. but we all know it's only gonna get worse before it gets better. i've heard america is the pulse of the world economy. w/us doing so bad everyone else does horrible. i'm not sure how much of this i believe. but yeah hellsa theories and what not... truth be told tho, you cop some shit while it's uber cheap n squat on that for a minute... folks get paid. holler at a realtor 1 time.

9. san diego. sd gets love from me cause it shows me HELLA love. this is my second tint in the whales sugar pie and i'm not gonna lie.... sd is way good to me. it's not like i'm ballin outta control but i come up while i'm out there. the super relaxed tempo makes you feel like you're in santa cruz(just cleaner) or berkeley(just waaaay less hippies) both places i'm down with. props to (in order of appearance)diana, mary, thor, adam, liz, and belen for all being down to visit me. i love you guys!!!

8. BCM!!!!!!! oh hell oh hell ohh hell yeah kirby! hella props go out to bloodshot and headrush for rejuvenating some awesomeness back into the game!!! be on the look out for "girls are tv" feat. nos leratz n mujack black. talking bout rachel ray n novelas!!!! yeeee!!!! hahahahah!

7. the plague will never die!!!! the black plague that is. chemistry is awesesome. when you have people who respect one another you can really make some fun stuff! guadalupe and myself go way back. his cousins used to live across the way from me when i was stayin on church. this is back when guy was at rod kelly and lydon was at las animas. gilas reppers all day! pero CHEEAAAA!!! wally n i made a song yesterday that i'm way into. i'll be uploading it onto the intertron shortly! woooo!

6. "super bomby goodness" is what i think we named it? hahahha! but i'm sure you seen the post where i break it down. i'm telling you. some frozen fruit, a bottle of andre, and a shot of blueberry voldka. amazing deliciousness that needs no name.

5. the rebirth of the 99 cent days. i found a spot in sd across from where i work that has 99cent tacos on tuesdays. waaaaaay bomb. they're a buck twenty five if you go any other day. another thing i'd like to see more of is 99 cent arizonas! what happened to those tho!? good luck! you have to scout for blocks n blocks to find the flat rate. crown liquors right next to my work charges anywhere from one ten to one eighteen. kinda wild right? i guess it just depends on the mood?

4. focho hustlers? i don't think those words go together very well. the compromise. i had a crazy long conversation about this shit with L. i guess i need to jump in the bucket with the rest of the crabs. fuck it right? yeah.... fuck it.


2. EXTREME WISDOM!!!! if you don't know you should. i jock hard. lydon and casey compliment each other quite nicely over tracks that will make you FEEL. definitely all i listened to for the month of december. best belive that that timeless bomby!!!! kyle hay on production. ol boys come a long way from when i first met him. i remember kyle in my studio when it was in frisco. hella funny. he just looks at me (this when i had a computer) and says..."the screen just turned blue... what does that mean?" if you've even had a computer crash you know what's up with the blue screen of death. pero cheeaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's now dialed and crankin slaps left n right. n i know better than to use a computer for music.

1. extreme wisdom was my one!!! so if you have something tight you think everyone should know about holla cheese!

maaaaad propers?

in no particular order...

my Parents... for everything.

my Sister for thuggin it out. i love you baby. stay strong.

Bobby digital for practically making me move to san diego.

L to the for the best birthday gift a boy could ever get.

Guy for reppin that legend status!

Girl for reppin the oppressed!!! (and for being the other misplaced focho head! thanks for everything!!! you're awesome!)

Cyph for being cyph. everyone knows what that means. luh ya homie.

Salvador for grinding like a savage. i think him n cyph throw down more hours on the clock than anyone i know.

Ale for being the boo. much love carnal. keep doin you playboy.

Thor for erasing his tagging. hahaha! and for being down to mash big wheels witcha boy.

Joey b... because cyph jocks hard. and because you share guac. (mixtape plug mixtape plug!!!)

Belen.... this is me thanking you in advance for helping guy dial in i know you guys are gonna come through with some way fly super fresh goodness. also you get hella props for mashing super loks in the indiana jones petty cab. wow.

Maria, aye we hella don't know each other. but i'm glad you're down with focho.

Angelique!!!! you have some super retro hip hop moves!!! i love it! word up for throwin down that final in the living room.

Sean for being more focho than lydon (and all the rest of us as far as i'm concerned)

Cat for being mom. love you mom!!!

and uhhh... well geeezzz. i didn't forget you. i just didn't write your name on a blog. you know i love you. i'll always love you. i hope you have an amazing new year filled with the succulant fruits of your labor.

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  1. Aye, Props to you Black for being you, doing yo thang and always spreading love, I luv ya boo