Saturday, January 10, 2009!

needless to say the Focho X-mas party went hard, Black's pictures show pretty much everything so if you havent seen em, you should!

I would only add this insanity...

after new years Black Cristina and I embarked on the focho road trip.

The Big Boss vs the Classic



9 hours exactly.
The famouse Wings N Things

Ready to Party


Cristina fought the dog and the... dog won.

Blacks house guest book



Cristina n I drove all night long the next night

11:00 am comfortably cooking breakfast con white russian.

Just another day at work in the life of Cristina

Cristinas roomies n beer

this place is across the street from cristina's work, the tacos come with chips and they got a salsa bar too, hella making poor fun

P.S. As you can see is "back to life, back to reality" tell yo friends!

P.S.S I enabled the comments on dis shit so bring em on!

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