Friday, January 23, 2009

What it does with the focho cliqua??!!  So this is obvies an extension of the cherry-popping BBQ at L to the...'s new spot which needless to say is que onda!!  Guy hooked it up with that chauffeur service to the 'sco and after driving all day it was definitely appreciated.  After the tour of the new maxi pad we commenced to cook up the contents of a carniceria and as previously disclosed shit got got.  Guy was kind enough to bring the video from Focho Christmas, which I was partaking in  for the first time cuz I was mimis for the whole diddy...that is until I came upstairs and slept in a puddle of beer.  Shit seemed like fun from what I saw CHEAH!!!  After watching them videos and the departure of the bear who supposedly grinded them chickens, I did what has now become my trademark....went mimis.  This is something I am personally reflecting on and in light of recent events a change is gonna come...It was requested that one of the most grimey photos ever taken be zoomed in on and cropped, but I will spare the visitors of FOCHO the grimeyness.  Just enjoy the long shot's beauty.  YEEEE

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