Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me Voy

What up Focho, Well there is definitely a need for a massive update which will be comming soon, But before I go id like to say San diego was outragously fun, focho por vida, Thanks to bLACK for being the gracious host for hella days, and cyph and L to the for making the focho road trip happen, and to cristina for making the trek across the desert.

Also although Ive talked to her all day long I've gots to reiterate.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTINA your amazing and I love You

Right now i gots to finish packing cause Im jumpen on a plane tomorrow for hella hours and ending up in Buenos Aires, Im pretty excited but still hella nervous. So YADIDIFOCHO! I love you guys. look for the massive update from abroad in the days to come, till then CHEA!

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