Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

hang on to your love

i love it. probably way too much. this song has kept me going more than once... i hope you love it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

sun devils

fire it off with a random license plate?

the random b-boy git up. the dude was such an asshole to me. doesn't even matte. this bike has a sticker on it that reads. "get a real fucking bike you pussy" kirby suggested we make bike into life with a sharpie.

phoenix is the jam for riding bikes. just like guy n girl said it was. i love that even my friends who don't ride know what to look for when it comes to fun obstacle. THANKS A TON CRISTINA!!!! we had hella fun pedaling in your hood. hands down, the best part about our trip was the fact that we got to mash the lightrail. a day pass is only 2.60 or somethin. too good. pero chea!!!

impostores? we got hit up by the cops right here at this spot. anthony was boosting this dirt hip and we were all drinking . out of no where this old guy starts yelling "the cops are coming!" so i take off instantly. you don't have to tell me twice. the others stay and i guess the young female officer says "ohhh, i thought you guys were drunk indians drinking beer and peeing behind the sign." hmmm... too much. i have a whole other story about a cop who rolled on us the first night we got there cause he got a call about bikers pissing in public... he wrote us directions to a skatepark standing in anthony's urine puddle.

we hit up the drunk neighbors who had been drinking out front since 9 in the morning for directions to a caniceria. their directions led us to a restaurant. we ended up asking someone on a corner when we were a block from the joint that had a huge mural. we got 5lbs of the cheapest carne asada they had. they had like 5 different kinds.

i'm with that.

making poor fun? $5 for an awesome burger some fries (which can be substituted for onion rings for no extra charge) and a can of shasta. they had quite the variety and everyone on the crew made it a point to get down with 2 hippies twice.

fuck yes!

4 packs of 16oz's. xoxo

i'm gettin the itch to go north. we'll see. xoxo-Frankie

Friday, March 20, 2009


Saludos a Focho from Buenos Aires. Its been three weeks now so definitely time to throw some pictures up here. To start with, this is the view from my balcony, so you can imagine. The city is insanely crowded.

This spot is in the plaza de mayo which is one of my favorite places so far, although I haven't been there that often. The plaza is at the very center of the city near the presidents house and its where all the protests go down, which is almost every week I hear.

I visited the famous cemetery where all the rich portenos are buried. Evita is the most famous. There are streets inside and everyone has there own huge ass tomb

This was on the side of a cultural museum next to the commentary. The whole wall was outrageous

This guy was my favorite

Iv spent a lot of time walking around, either just wandering or walking home, so I found this one day walking home with a friend on some random wall. I really like the graffiti here, besides all the dope characters and pieces Iv seen, instead of shitty hit ups everywhere people throw up hella political shit which is tight, hella anti capitalism sayings or slogans about specific issues such as rights for workers and farmers.

I spent last weekend at the quinta where the couple I live with is getting married. We chilled out by the pool all weekend, drank hella Mate which is like the national pastime. Its a really strong and bitter tea, I'm with it. We also had an amazing asada. This is the father and sister in law of the girl I live with. Both didn't know English so was tight to spend the day practicing mi castillano.

Beef, chorizo, morcilla, on the grill

St. Patrick's day goes off here. They close down la calle de reconqista and it gets insane. We only were here for 10 min though cause it got to intense, obviously nobody I knew could find each other. I ended up at a cool Irish spot kinda far away and through the exclusive use of texting, everyone I knew some how made it.

This one is for Black, L to the, and the bmx nation. There is this huge park with these kind of things every where and a number of large empty fountains which I can image you guys would enjoy immensely.

This is a video from this underground tango spot, where there wasn't any sign or anything you just have to know about it and ring the door bell and they'll let you in. Some how a friend of ours got invited by a local. The tango isn't just a type of dance here its a type of music which is really intense and dramatic. At this place they had different bands play for an hour each, in between sets they would put on music and people would dance the tango, shit was awesome. I was excited to find out that this scene exists here. I thought that the tango was something older people performed for tourists. At this place all the musicians and dancers were fairly young, the place was in a poorer neighborhood and we were the only foreigners.

That's it for now...
I just wrote this long update email about everything I've been up to so far to send out everyone. I only have Cristina and Black's email though so if anyone wants to read that shit holla at me with an email, austin.geiger3@gmail.com

Viva La Clica

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Touch or Not to Touch

Don't listen to any new Busta that doesn't say "Touch" in there somewhere. Trust me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

let the cards fall where they may

check out the track "don't rush"..... ole girl is killin' me.
she's my roomate jean's friend from way back and sang to me in person over the summer.
all the sudden i remember her name and find this site/page. wow. don't rush. i love it.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


To some, like Black, RPM stands for:

Pimperishness in a

for me, it's more like:


Solo joints are coming along; I got beats, need raps, then fine tuning of beats 'til I forgot what I was trying to do in the first place. In other words, progress is occurring. Ooooooooouuuuuu I got samples!!! Sick shit! Cuz I don't kill, I steal. Cheah!

Keep it simple with a yadidiFOCHO.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

on tuesday we went out to ob (a beach in san diego) where this clothing company who sponsors a friend is located. as soon as we get there the art director for the company throws us shirts and says, "you guys ready to ride? we're gonna shoot some photos for the new catalogue." i figure... shit, i already came up on a shirt. why not. i'm down to help the guy out. from there it got super stupid. we wanted to ride street. he took us to the park. i tell him i'd rather not shoot something stupid... and he's shooting stupid photos. long stupid story short... i may end up in a catalogue doing something stupid. unlike this picture which was taken the same day, where i'm doin something cool. not to mention once we got back to their headquarters he had to off the shirts. no free gear. weak shit. we were in their big ass warehouse and they didn't kick down after we shot a bunch of rad pics for them. the art director dork didn't even bring his own camera. he let my roommate chris bring his and kept asking to use it. once we got back he uploaded all the pics onto his computer at work. shiesty shit.

my homie was in town from l.a. to finish planning the route for the jam on the 22nd. he gets hooked up from said company so i wasn't tryin to stop on any ones toes in the whole process. homie brought his french bulldog to town and tito loved it.
i rearranged my bedroom after you guys left. i should have done this be fore so i could have actually got something done while you guys were in town, but this is how it worked out.
aye lydon! how close are you to finishing your solo? i was bummed i missed your call last night. i was beat. mp convo is definitely on my list of things to do.
peace love and chicken grease, Frankie(!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too mush Nickle City!

Yo! Been a minute, my bad. Many thanks to the Black and the rest of the SD/Gilas homies for kickin it with us on the one rainy weekend in SD. Deemer, sorry we didn't get to hang that day, but at least the party on Friday was mad fun. Overall, it was a solid weekend of nonstop beer and an all around lack of nutrition. Holler atcha bologna!

This was 4amish (not 4 Amish people, just about 4am), we had just arrived to SD.

Cyph getting super sick wit it, and Black concurring.

Alejandro's got maddddd love from heads, especially not me. It did hit the spot tho.
Eggs, cheese, ham, potatoes= eggs, cheese, Spam, freedom fries (America!!!)

Word up to Cyph for being the wreckless consumer and as well my Pops for providing the clutch gift cards that just happened to be of use in 1 of the 2 bars they're good for (other one is in Campbell).

Can't F w/Trek big wheels...

... and can't F w/ TITO!!!!

Snow on the Grapevine? Sooo sick!!! And I don't mean reggae ass Canadians! Surprisingly, Mexicans will whoop your ass at a snowball fight.

Again, thanks to all involved and we'll see you next time on the yadidi.

Aye Austin.




Sunday, March 1, 2009

the no

reno that is. those kids can be a bit much. but way fun none the less. we ran into this guy ridding downtown. too funny. gottem to try some goofy tricks on his board with the shaded shades on. too good.

the zombie phone lives. hit me up.

2 99 cent joints mashed up for a burger better than any other on their menu for a buck n a half less.... yeeee! fries are optional.

like i said. the got loc's with the big wheels. homie flew like 8' solid. too funny. i guess all it takes is 3 people running full speed to boost that shit. he's at about peak air in the photo. yeee!

aye... see you soon. <
p.s. i couldn't finish the rpm challenge. that shit kicked my ass but taught me a ton about myself (musically)but i'm still gonna finish the album. it's called retardsaywhat.
pero cheaaaa!

besitos - frankie