Sunday, March 1, 2009

the no

reno that is. those kids can be a bit much. but way fun none the less. we ran into this guy ridding downtown. too funny. gottem to try some goofy tricks on his board with the shaded shades on. too good.

the zombie phone lives. hit me up.

2 99 cent joints mashed up for a burger better than any other on their menu for a buck n a half less.... yeeee! fries are optional.

like i said. the got loc's with the big wheels. homie flew like 8' solid. too funny. i guess all it takes is 3 people running full speed to boost that shit. he's at about peak air in the photo. yeee!

aye... see you soon. <
p.s. i couldn't finish the rpm challenge. that shit kicked my ass but taught me a ton about myself (musically)but i'm still gonna finish the album. it's called retardsaywhat.
pero cheaaaa!

besitos - frankie

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