Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too mush Nickle City!

Yo! Been a minute, my bad. Many thanks to the Black and the rest of the SD/Gilas homies for kickin it with us on the one rainy weekend in SD. Deemer, sorry we didn't get to hang that day, but at least the party on Friday was mad fun. Overall, it was a solid weekend of nonstop beer and an all around lack of nutrition. Holler atcha bologna!

This was 4amish (not 4 Amish people, just about 4am), we had just arrived to SD.

Cyph getting super sick wit it, and Black concurring.

Alejandro's got maddddd love from heads, especially not me. It did hit the spot tho.
Eggs, cheese, ham, potatoes= eggs, cheese, Spam, freedom fries (America!!!)

Word up to Cyph for being the wreckless consumer and as well my Pops for providing the clutch gift cards that just happened to be of use in 1 of the 2 bars they're good for (other one is in Campbell).

Can't F w/Trek big wheels...

... and can't F w/ TITO!!!!

Snow on the Grapevine? Sooo sick!!! And I don't mean reggae ass Canadians! Surprisingly, Mexicans will whoop your ass at a snowball fight.

Again, thanks to all involved and we'll see you next time on the yadidi.

Aye Austin.




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