Thursday, May 14, 2009



much love to the peeps!!!! all of you!!!! no matter where you are!!!!!!!!! that's what's up. focho love all day! i haven't gotten up on this goodness for a minute so i think i'm bout to lace ya'll super tough on the foto tip... i've just been tryin to get in the swing of this san diego livin. you know the whole adjustment period. when you need to get settled completely and figure out some sort of routine. well i think i'm just about there. i re-aranged my studio once again and think i've finally got it dialed in. it's kind of like riding my bike.... or for most, driving a car. if you're pushin a freshly tuned whipsky... ya stay mashin. pero, the second it's on the outs...<'s. i was in the bay last week... and boy do i have a story for you... i'm going to be in reno mid july for an uncles wedding. and i'm heading out to philladelphia to ride bikes augustyoctoberish. aye... be down. photoscribbles.... white king. classic puto.

4 guy. xoxo (yes, it's a tattoo)

4 guy. happy cinco (belated by yours truly) from wanslow.

clup tap on the way to guadalajara for 'ritos on cinco con kirby in da sco mayne.

frisco bitch! (say it like cyph)



first taco truck i've ate off in a year.

best slogan all year.

i wish i was better at this picture thing... could have hooked this guy up way mo freshah.


18coors. (blow it up for proof)

scrimp in squash cola con kirby.

insert comment caption here>---->____________________<----<'s

how good is life? painting? boombox in the chower? sooo money.


p.s. i have a new number. yes i know... and i apologize. the old number is still connected though... but it's on a new phone with no numbers... gotta love the digital age. "so hit me up. or not and i'll just show up on your doorstep and surprise the shit out of you. " -Andy Maguire


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  1. I gotta try that cake mix. So insanely amazing of a find! YEE!