Friday, May 8, 2009

YadidICheBoludo...Saludos a L 2 da ... que esta en Intia and to su familia tambien, Chea! stay safe durante tu viaje y que lo disfruten.
I been meaning to put something up, I just posted all my pics I have on the facebook nacion so if you got that shit get at them.. I now live in Palermo with a host family. My host madre's name is Virginia she is awesome, insanly nice and talkative, her son Diego also lives here who is like 35 and is a real cool guy who restores antique buikdings. Im way more down with this barrio than my old one.

since April i have been volunteering at La Juanita which is a worker owned Co-operative outside the city. It was started by the unemployed workers movement. It pretty awesome I l have to write more about it.

for now check out MUSICA yee!

This was at a small folcrortica (cant spell it) bar in rosario, the dure was blind and played th eguitar on his lap...

This is from La Bomba del tiempo which is a show these guys put on every monday night, they always have a guest, this night it was this bad ass bass player, Case You need to get on this shit

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