Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Epic Post

I definitely wrote this post backwards, meaning this is the last thing that I'm writing. Hope you enjoy!

Now with that out of the way...

I wish I had the energy to add lates fingers to this fish so the fish would be latesing you. If someone else does it, I'll definitely laugh.

Now that's for real. Put ya quarter up automakers! All this stimulus should go to building a nationwide, comprehensive rail system, as well as beefing up metropolitan transpo'. Aye, your car sucks!

Lil man got tired of asking his dad to buy peanuts all the time!

Scum done proper. This is how gentlemen drink in public.

Put that shit between a bun and eat it!

BBQ at Baker Beach on an extremely nice day in SF. All the homies came through and I took pictures of no one! But you know who you are and I'm sure had a great time.

2nd hand wieners!

Beer cup sand castles, unseen balls, ship, and that golden gate.

Ahhhhh Santa Cruz. I definitely love that place. Thanks to Ale's folks, my work schedule change, and my bro's new found proximity, I was finally able to Popozao on over there. The Rodriguez Summer Stimulus Fiesta was just plain awesome. 17 or 26 yr old valet service and everything! Hella chill atmosphere up in the cutty cutties of Capitola, surrounded by trees and OG "former" potheads, we chilled under the sun con many a cerveza. I failed miserably by not getting any pictures of the taco feast, but trust me when I say: more meat than Cyph's dreams(jk foo). But for reals, pretty much endless carne asada, pollo, and carnitas with all the fixins, including grilled cactus (forgive me for not knowing what it's called, but it was bomby!!) fire ass green sauce, and a very nice rojo. Pancho and his hermanos held down the live musica, with side props goin to Margie (Ale's mom) for puttin together the ill playlist. Of course, once the parlay starts to wind down, we head on over to downtown SC for the beginning of a drunken night. Andy luckily came in his new family car to chauffeur us over, and then proceeded to die with us as the homegirl Blair (Ale, you hella need to wifey her up) fed us huge ass drink after huge ass drink. Yeee!!! Hella fun night, infinite thanks to Ale and his folks for that one.

Ale's dad Pancho and the Tios gettin DOWN!

Ale con beezies, me with Andy in the cholo/sancha embrace.

Jimmy pp's while Cyph's sleepy! Lights on everywhere but under Cyph's eyelids.

This monster was inside Ale's room! Wish I had enough foto sense to get that good perspective shot to show you how big he was.

San Jose is still what's up. Glad my Pops lives out there and gives me a reason to bask in warmer weather and such. Plus, you got them uber-superficial ass nuggas that are worth a good chuckle. Reciprocation for Black right hurr:

You *(not you, but the proverbial you) don't know my Mom, and you* don't know my Dad neither! Bass fo yo face!

Frisco Gay Pride 2009, my first time at this hairy beast, and I had hella fun!!! First day was me, Maria and Wanslow straight drankin all day, viewing mad titties, some wieners, and no balls or vagina. Cyph met up a little later and we all continued the carnage to Castro. Cyph pulled a Cyph, but Bear stepped in and we made our presence felt in the giant gay party, without penetration mind you. Next day, hella more mellower, but nonetheless great. Me, Maria, and Nathan just posted at Civic Center and people watched. Saw so much funny shit that I was not quick or daring enough to capture. Overall, it was super!

Thank goodness this chick was here to whip away this guy's heat stroke!

They turfin man... THEY TURFINNN!!!!!

Wanslow loves meat.

These guys were so not into us! Hella sad loose cheeks.

Castro street party! Helsa dudes!


All about them inflatables!

I beg to differ.

Don't sag on laundry day... cuz, you know, you might not have the right color thong on, and that would be just awful!

Candlestick Point:

We're hella BBQing here ASAP, cuz you know how we do in...

(read the sign!)

YEEE! Holla back errybody!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mixed Emotion

For obvious reasons I'm bummed...the passing of MJ has been hard to swallow (no pun intended with all of his misfortunes yadig?!)  The only upside to it is that we have been able to hear his tunes and see his videos non-stop for the past few days.  I know he had some grimeyness constantly surrounding him pero nobody that I know can say they did not grow up tappin their feet to the JAM-ON's!!!!  or trying to moonwalk all descompuesto at school and shit.  RIP Mike.

On a happier note, I wanna say muchisimas gracias to all the heads that came out for the Summer Stimulus Bash in the hills of Capitola.  Those who partook know it was definitely what's up.  The taco truck was done way proper, just ask Nathan.  Pops did it way grimey with that jamaica and lemonade with lavender and honey.  Thanks to Tio Felipe, Tio Eduardo, Primo Gabe, and Pops for getting the Flor Del Pueblo Reunion crackin.  Thanks folks for supplying hundreds of beers to get got focho stylee.  L to the hella didn't get lost porque he got swooped by the neighbors granddaughter who was hella not 17!!!!  Cyph and Jimmy came through with that promptness and Cyph hella took my roll as the stereotypical sleepy Mexican once he got crunk in the Cruz.  Good lookin out to Andy Mags, nice whip and thanks for the memories YAAAAAAYYY!!!  Oh and of course thanks to the boo that hella isn't boo but I want to be boo Blair.  I swear to god hangovers are to be blamed on her errytime we in the Cruz.

I hope L to the has a couple fotos to chair porque I ain't got nada.  At least put up the footlong SLUG on the fucking inside of my sliding door that shit the size of a 50CENt piece.  Uhhhhhh.  "Why the fuck is it inside?"  "Cuz you're a Slug fool!"

One Love to Focho and see yall on 4th of July.  Amerrrriiiiicuuuuuuh

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blow up the moon

It doesn't matter anyhow, MJ's not here to walk on it. Hella sad. That fool made some of the earliest music I remember diggin on super duper, and to this day was in constant rotation on my chit. Mike, thanks for everything, you live through Focho and all the other funked up folks around the globe. RIP mang! Don't blame it on the boogie.

(sad face)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yo! (from work)

i came home to a crashed computer. i have a ton of pics for this here thangy thang pero i can't make moves on that.... where you guys at? i know, i know.... everyone has way busy lives and focho.com is the least of your worries... but uhh.... i CARE!!! i wanna know what you've been up to...

i copped a ton of wax the other day! i'm way pumped on sampling! i also hooked up my second turntable finally so i can try to mix records. we'll see how that goes. ummm.... nothin but love fo the all of ya'll. i miss you guys terrible and am looking forward to hanging out again... be it in your hood or mine. xoxo -Frankie

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seattle trip fuckerz!!!!!!!!!

Trip as dope. First, Camped in Humboldt.

2nd, drove to Portland and had mad fun.

3rd, drove to Seattle and had hella fun.

4th, drove home from Washington in one day and saw Crater Lake.


Here are photos bitchez......

Chillando con Banana Slugs in Humboldt whilst camping.

Me "drinking" from a waterfall in Portland at the Columbia River Gorge....Hmmmm?

Angry with snow at Crater Lake...YEE!!!

Yo peep game on this shit yallz........My trip to Seattle was way fun. Here I'll show you the FOCHO representation part of the trip.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Saludos a Focho, Te Amo

What up Yall , I just got in to Buenos Aires on that 10 hour overnight hella uncomfortable so you cant sleep buss ride from Cordoba, its like 9 somthin and I dont have a place to live anymore in the BA so i wandered around the old street i lived on and found a hostel, but obviously there is no room untill 12 when people check out, so im chillen hlf awake and delerious on the maquina peepen some in tro net. My aplogies for not unloading on the focho nation in a long while, props to black for holding dwon the cyber presence solo, u awesome .....

So i ant got any pics right now but this is how my outragious viaje went, I traveled with my friend Damian who is from Australia and my friend Paopla who worked at the co operative with me.

1, all night buss to Mendoza (KA argentinas Napa valley wine country)met up with paoplas cousins who there visiting too. got that good tourest tour of two wineries a olive oil factory and then some dudes house who makes everything good you want.. chocolate, 20 types of liqure, Absenth, whisky, 10 types of jam and marmalade, dulce de letche, was the highlight of the 40 peso half day tour.

next day the team and i rented mountain bikes, yeee the BMX nation would be proud of
me, we handled the country side and stopped at 4 wineries along the way and as well as drank a bottle stitting against a wall next to a small canal.

Shit i hella cant go day by day couse shits was like two weeks long but, next day a friend and I took a buss up to the top of the andes moutnains, ..way intense, stayed in a little place not really bug enough to be a town next to the puente del Inca. all of u need to google that shit its whats up. hiked out to see aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside the himileyas, meaning like the third tallest shit in the world.

Alright gotta go mas rapido now through this.

one more day in mendoza, then 18 hours to Salta, big city in the north of Argentina. ate good ass locro( local stew type shit ) sent to the penas and saw floklorical music.

6 hour buss ride to HUmuhuaca, dopest place iv been small little indiginouse town towards the bolivian border. the whole town made out of rocks ...everything, went hiking in the red mountains outside the town, drank a lot of fernet.

next a 4 hour buss ride to go only like 20 miles to a place called IRUYA insain town even farther north close to bolivia the is maybe 1000 people on a cliff in some insain cayon.

back to humuaca for a night, then down to jujuy which wasnt that tight but we hella had a good hack y sack session in the plaza. team started to fall apart as paola left to go to Iguazu, and me and damian stayed and played hack y sack.

final destination was Cordoba craxy university city with a university started in 1645, me and damian went hard and then he had to bounce back to australia. I obviously checked out the social science building and ended up going to a panel discussion about the crisses de democracia in argentina.

So that was that, for all u who wanted to know. Im basically gonna bumm around BA now for a week just hanging out, ill probably go back to the cooperative a couple times. but then i shall return on the 16 of june. I am deffinately ready to be back home now, I think that I have gotten everything I wanted out of living here, im feeling real good about my spanish, chea!

ne ways chea im hella ready for some summer in califas. yeee!

Black, YAdidihopethatwaslongenoughandyouenjoyeditformwork.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

a man of my word....

you know how i does.

random spread of blah blah blah.(besitos)

lydon, if i'ma produce anything worth a piss i need to catch up with you (when are you thinking about moving back to gilas?)

austiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin(say it like you know i'm saying it), see you soon brotha...

girl, everyone in san diego is glad you're stayin' in phoenix (hi-fives all around)

verse, i kinda been on the super c. hype lately... you need to get at me (cause i tried calling you hella times homie!!!)

cyph, keep doin it babe

bobby... do you even remember focho.com exist, or was music just a phase?? (i still love you through... and if you actually move out to san diego i'll see you when you get here....and i'll probably steal records from you...and make beats for you to rap on all sick like you do)

sean, i hope everything is goin' good.

cat, keep doin you (like i have to tell you or son' ting)

father george, you my friend... know the business. well have to do lunch sometime soon. i'd like to exchange ideas and thoughts regarding the recession and such.

espiderico, YO(!) HOW YOU GONNA BE IN TOWN ALL SUMMER, WORK WITH ME AND STILL NOT BE DOWN TO RAP!!! you know what... cyph would esophogate any of these beats in seconds. i don't kneed you. besides pizza tastes better w/ hidden valley.

sis, b easy (i know.. i know. but i'm your big brother. i'll always try)

patrice rushen - feels so real is an amazing song. the 4 for $10 thrift joint is real hot right now. stacks on stacks on stacks of that good good. originals. copped some teddy p. live, some rufus n' chaka., the first sly, which is INSANE(!), and a stevie that i once owned. listening to stevie on vinyl is like laying your brain out in the sun somewhere close to home. mandatory.

yeah wooo... 12th-14th

ummm..... is it time to start the show?

(yo!) got rings?(find the owner on the right?)

aye. how rad can one dude be?

this dude walked up to me while i was eating at a bar downtown on tuesday with this small ass dog and said....
"wierd" dude with small ass funny dog with studded collar : what are you listening
me : janet jackson
wd : i make music you wanna hear it?
m : actually, i'm about to get my burger n fry thang on... wait, how bout i take a picture of you and the dog in exchange for me listening to your track?
wd : just the dog.
m : no deal
wd : you gonna listen to the whole song?
m : sure
at this point i want to start laughin my ass off...
the conversation was strictly business..
a picture and track review.
too kooked.
the second pic is evidence i guess?

chea bay love!
find ale tho.

think of me still not being 100%. when i while i was up there it was typical frisco weather... knees that are already busted do the pain thing a little more while subject to that good cool.
i wouldn't have rather had it any other way.



yo lydon! i did this one for you and all your peeps....
you gots to blow it up for sure, but how good is it on THAT car!?

on my way out of my 7 hour trip to the er i seen this in the restroom.
the bottom says have mercy. how kooked it the way they wrote have with just 2 lines?

i feel like the next two pics needed to be together.

ummmmmm..... i guess i'ma be out. nothin but love for the all uh ya.



com on now folks..... i know ya'll got thangs goin on in ya life n such... i wanna know!!!! please... post. i'm at work right now... i'm going to lay down a fat post when i get home after work tonight. besitos. - Frankie