Thursday, June 4, 2009

a man of my word....

you know how i does.

random spread of blah blah blah.(besitos)

lydon, if i'ma produce anything worth a piss i need to catch up with you (when are you thinking about moving back to gilas?)

austiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin(say it like you know i'm saying it), see you soon brotha...

girl, everyone in san diego is glad you're stayin' in phoenix (hi-fives all around)

verse, i kinda been on the super c. hype lately... you need to get at me (cause i tried calling you hella times homie!!!)

cyph, keep doin it babe

bobby... do you even remember exist, or was music just a phase?? (i still love you through... and if you actually move out to san diego i'll see you when you get here....and i'll probably steal records from you...and make beats for you to rap on all sick like you do)

sean, i hope everything is goin' good.

cat, keep doin you (like i have to tell you or son' ting)

father george, you my friend... know the business. well have to do lunch sometime soon. i'd like to exchange ideas and thoughts regarding the recession and such.

espiderico, YO(!) HOW YOU GONNA BE IN TOWN ALL SUMMER, WORK WITH ME AND STILL NOT BE DOWN TO RAP!!! you know what... cyph would esophogate any of these beats in seconds. i don't kneed you. besides pizza tastes better w/ hidden valley.

sis, b easy (i know.. i know. but i'm your big brother. i'll always try)

patrice rushen - feels so real is an amazing song. the 4 for $10 thrift joint is real hot right now. stacks on stacks on stacks of that good good. originals. copped some teddy p. live, some rufus n' chaka., the first sly, which is INSANE(!), and a stevie that i once owned. listening to stevie on vinyl is like laying your brain out in the sun somewhere close to home. mandatory.

yeah wooo... 12th-14th

ummm..... is it time to start the show?

(yo!) got rings?(find the owner on the right?)

aye. how rad can one dude be?

this dude walked up to me while i was eating at a bar downtown on tuesday with this small ass dog and said....
"wierd" dude with small ass funny dog with studded collar : what are you listening
me : janet jackson
wd : i make music you wanna hear it?
m : actually, i'm about to get my burger n fry thang on... wait, how bout i take a picture of you and the dog in exchange for me listening to your track?
wd : just the dog.
m : no deal
wd : you gonna listen to the whole song?
m : sure
at this point i want to start laughin my ass off...
the conversation was strictly business..
a picture and track review.
too kooked.
the second pic is evidence i guess?

chea bay love!
find ale tho.

think of me still not being 100%. when i while i was up there it was typical frisco weather... knees that are already busted do the pain thing a little more while subject to that good cool.
i wouldn't have rather had it any other way.



yo lydon! i did this one for you and all your peeps....
you gots to blow it up for sure, but how good is it on THAT car!?

on my way out of my 7 hour trip to the er i seen this in the restroom.
the bottom says have mercy. how kooked it the way they wrote have with just 2 lines?

i feel like the next two pics needed to be together.

ummmmmm..... i guess i'ma be out. nothin but love for the all uh ya.


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  1. Gilas is lightyears away, but we'll work it out boo. Watermelon smiles and SpongeBob dreams all day! Forever stay busy con the good good for the lobes, once I get intronet I'll shoot you some goods that have been lying in wait. Cheah!