Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mixed Emotion

For obvious reasons I'm bummed...the passing of MJ has been hard to swallow (no pun intended with all of his misfortunes yadig?!)  The only upside to it is that we have been able to hear his tunes and see his videos non-stop for the past few days.  I know he had some grimeyness constantly surrounding him pero nobody that I know can say they did not grow up tappin their feet to the JAM-ON's!!!!  or trying to moonwalk all descompuesto at school and shit.  RIP Mike.

On a happier note, I wanna say muchisimas gracias to all the heads that came out for the Summer Stimulus Bash in the hills of Capitola.  Those who partook know it was definitely what's up.  The taco truck was done way proper, just ask Nathan.  Pops did it way grimey with that jamaica and lemonade with lavender and honey.  Thanks to Tio Felipe, Tio Eduardo, Primo Gabe, and Pops for getting the Flor Del Pueblo Reunion crackin.  Thanks folks for supplying hundreds of beers to get got focho stylee.  L to the hella didn't get lost porque he got swooped by the neighbors granddaughter who was hella not 17!!!!  Cyph and Jimmy came through with that promptness and Cyph hella took my roll as the stereotypical sleepy Mexican once he got crunk in the Cruz.  Good lookin out to Andy Mags, nice whip and thanks for the memories YAAAAAAYYY!!!  Oh and of course thanks to the boo that hella isn't boo but I want to be boo Blair.  I swear to god hangovers are to be blamed on her errytime we in the Cruz.

I hope L to the has a couple fotos to chair porque I ain't got nada.  At least put up the footlong SLUG on the fucking inside of my sliding door that shit the size of a 50CENt piece.  Uhhhhhh.  "Why the fuck is it inside?"  "Cuz you're a Slug fool!"

One Love to Focho and see yall on 4th of July.  Amerrrriiiiicuuuuuuh

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